big brother 14 final 3 'Big Brother 14': Who is going to win? Vote now!“Big Brother 14” is coming to an end Wednesday night (Sept. 19) with a 90-minute finale wherein two of the remaining houseguests will compete for the final Head of Household position and that person will choose who he or she will take to the Final 2.

Then the Final 2 will face the wrath of the jury — do you think this will be a jury full of bitter Betties, or a jury ready to award the money to the person who played the best game? If we had to guess, we think everyone other than Frank will probably want to reward game play. Frank seems like he’s majorly bitter about getting taken out.

So, who’s going to win it all? Will it be Southern belle Danielle? Or did she not do enough in the game? Will it be wannabe-devious-mastermind Ian? He’s certainly well-liked, it seems. Or will it be actual-devious-mastermind Dan? He has really controlled the game and has a great argument to win, but he’s already won once and that will probably hurt his chances.

Vote now in our poll and be sure to tune in tonight to find out!

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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