big brother 14 cast small 'Big Brother 14': Who's going to win the money?It’s time to pick a winner before the “Big Brother 14” shenanigans begin with Thursday night’s (July 12) premiere episode and first night of live feeds/”Big Brother After Dark.” The last time Zap2it did this, we correctly predicted Hayden would win (though our alliance he would be with was way off).

Now, the twist this season is past hamsters returning as mentors (and we know who the mentors are, if you want to be spoiled). That will not factor in here, which will probably hurt our predictions, since some mentors will probably be better than others. But here we go …

(Caveat: chef Joe Arvin is not included here. He was a last-minute replacement cast member, so we have not met him and therefore have absolutely no impression to use in predicting how he’ll do).

Contestant: JoJo Spatafora
Odds: 12-1

Something about this girl rubs us the wrong way – could it be that she thinks the gays are just like girls? Or that she’s a self-proclaimed gold-digger? Either way, we would not be the least bit surprised if she’s out first.

Contestant: Frank Eudy
Odds: 11-1

Frank seems very sweet, but a little too nice maybe. And not the sharpest contestant we met. If he doesn’t shore up an alliance, he’s toast.

Contestant: Ashley Iocco
Odds: 10-1

We’ll probably end up being wrong and this (maybe/maybe not) ditzy blonde will be sitting in the Top 2 come September. But she just doesn’t strike us as a strong player, and kind of annoying in that Rachel-y way. Of course, that didn’t stop Rachel …

Contestant: Ian Terry
Odds: 9-1

We like this little fella. He’s a huge fan of the game. But he’s nerdy in that hard-to-relate-to way and unless he gets an alliance together to protect him right away, he will be get played and be sent home early.

Contestant: Danielle Murphree
Odds: 8-1

We’re torn on this one. She’s very likable and very pretty. But she was “cast” – she has no idea about how the game is played and doesn’t seem cut-throat enough to stick around for very long.

Contestant: Jenn Arroyo
Odds: 7-1

In our heads, we are picturing an alliance of Jodi/Jenn/Wil vs. an alliance of Shane/Kara/Willie, with the latter winning out late in the game. Probably that is completely wrong, but you never know. In any case, Jenn seems sharp enough to go pretty far, but will ultimately get picked off for being too big of a personality.

Contestant: Jodi Rollins
Odds: 6-1

We loved Jodi when we met her and would love to see her win. She’s smart
enough to get to the end
, but she’ll need good alliance-mates in order
to win challenges.

Contestant: Wil Heuser
Odds: 5-1

Wil is incredibly likable and also seems down to play the game hard-core. We’d love to see him have a secret alliance with Jodi, a la Danielle and Jason in Season 3. But in the end, he’ll get taken out by the Big 3 (see below).

Contestant: Kara Monaco
Odds: 4-1

Out of the four “hot” girls (Kara, Danielle, JoJo and Ashley), Kara seems the most with it. She also seems just the type that a Hantz brother would pair up with, the way Russell took a cute girl along with him each time he played. If Willie does that with Kara, we can see them also joining forces with Shane, who is similarly charismatic and smart. In the end, Kara gets taken out because she’s too much of a threat to win the money.

Contestant: Willie Hantz
Odds: 3-1

Willie reminds us a lot of Russell – except more likable and less abrasive. That is a dangerous competitor indeed. If he gets an alliance shored up before he is outed as Russell’s brother (Ian will put it together, he’s a huge “Survivor” fan too), he will control the game. We think Kara and Shane are exactly the two he would target.

Contestant: Shane Meaney
Odds: 2-1

Shane reminds us more than a little of Hayden – he’s good-looking and rides that fine line of being a guy’s guy and someone the girls love too. He’s smart, he’s confident and if he doesn’t get taken in by a stupid showmance, he’ll do well in the game.

“Big Brother 14” premieres Thursday, July 12 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. Don’t forget – sign up for the live feeds%name 'Big Brother 14': Who's going to win the money? so you can follow along with all the fights and crazy shenanigans on what we think is going to be a great season.

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