wil big brother 14 'Big Brother 14': Wil or Joe, who misses out on the jury?When we last left the “Big Brother 14” hamsters, Frank chose not to use the Power of Veto to change his nominations, so either Wil or Joe is headed home this week. Fingers crossed it’s Screamin’ Joe Arvin, but we aren’t going to hold our breath.

Also, it’s an endurance HOH competition this week, so sign up for a free trial of the live feeds if you want to follow along!

Julie welcomes us by talking about all the unexpected twists of the season so far. Yeah, “unexpected.” If you lived in a cave the last 10 years and have never seen this show before. Though Julie does look quite fetching in her eggplant-colored dress. Jury’s still out on her enormous necklace.

Oh goodie, Jeff’s here. Talk about someone beloved by viewers who is kind of an a-hole on the live feeds. Blech.

Post POV Ceremony

Dan is surprised not be put on the block, which he kind of should be. The Silent Six know their alliance was really pretty much only to get Janelle out and now they are completely suspicious of one another.

Frank does come clean with Dan about entertaining the idea of backdooring Dan, which Frank thinks makes him look trustworthy. To Dan, it just makes him look the opposite, because he even entertained it. Dan says he’s ready to “shank Frank” if need be. Heh.

The Real Showmance

Ashley asks Frank out on an ice cream date and it sounds like part of her motivation is to get the dirt on Wil and his chances. And poor Ian is very forlorn. Well, poop or get off the pot, Ian. Dan is right — you never asked her out again. You snooze, you lose.

The date ends up being wine and making out in the HOH room. And Frank’s big move is literally, “Hey, you wanna make out on the couch?” And to the surprise of no one, Ashley’s like, “Sure!” And then she compares him to Channing Tatum, which — no. And I’m not a Tatum fan.

Meanwhile, Ian laments to Britney that he thought they were “exclusive.” Um, what? Exclusive …. at hanging out and nothing happening? Because she does that with everyone, up until right now. Also, Britney’s wavy hair is gorgeous, she should wear it that way all the time.

Wil “Campaigns”

Wil is trying to stay, but he can read the house pretty well — there’s a big group picking people off and he’s a way bigger threat than Shouty Joe. Speaking of Joe, we have to go meet his family and his wife Sarah does hilariously shout at the camera. Good on you, lady. Also, his son is not a fan of the albino chin pubes. Thumbs up to Joe’s family.

The Jeff Segment

*eyeroll* Who even cares what he thinks? Seriously. And it’s not just ’cause I don’t love Jeff. The Dr. Will segment was dumb too. I just don’t care what the oldies think about this season. Though it’s nice they both picked Ian. Ian could totally win, if he’d up his game a bit. He’s hesitant so far.

The Eviction

We’ve passed the halfway point and there are still 11 of these numbnuts left? That’s terrible. But first we have to sit through a current event quiz. The highlight is Julie’s strict chastisement of the hamsters when they don’t wait for her to give them choices.

Ashley and Jenn are the only ones who vote to keep Wil, so he’s out. Bummer. He’s much more interesting than Joe.

The Head of Household Competition

It’s the fill-your-bowl-with-a-thimble challenge, or whatever they cleverly call it this time. Wil would have been good at this, he’s a runner. Do you think any of Ashley, Jenn or Joe stand a chance? It’d be interesting to see the balance of power shift that dramatically.

There’s a nice twist – if you dont’ want to go after the HOH jug, you can try to fill a small jug for safety this week (no nomination, no eviction) or you can try to fill a medium jug for $10,000. Niiiiice. That’s a great twist.

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