willie hantz cbs big brother 14 'Big Brother 14': Willie Hantz has an epic meltdown, is removed from the gameSunday night’s “Big Brother 14” picks up when Kara goes home and Frank then wins HOH. Willie is not happy, so the fuse is lit. Meanwhile, Frank and Boogie do a faux-Chilltown thing in the DR. That needs to stop. Neither of you are Dr. Will, so stop pretending.

Dan is coaching Danielle to work to get close to Janelle’s team because they’re going to need her vote, so she’s got a decent plan to be a floater who offers her allegiance to the highest bidder. Might work.

Willie’s Meltdown Begins

Britney gives Willie a talking-to about being egotistical, while she talks to him in a totally condescending manner and chastising him for thinking about himself. Um, that’s not the right argument. It’s a single-player game, which Willie rightly points out. It’s not about your “team” or your “coach.” Now, he did play his HOH week wrong. Way wrong. But his job is not to win Britney $100K, so she needs to stop acting like it is.

Meanwhile, the coaches are nervous that Britney will win the Coaches Comp and unload Willie off on someone else (per the twist Julie told them about after Kara was evicted). Britney isn’t having any of it — she knows if she wins that it would behoove her to dump Willie.

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The Showmances

Danielle and Shane are getting flirty-flirty. Danielle does some DR sessions with hair that has been taken out of braids and it looks phenomenal, she should wear it that way all the time. Meanwhiel, Ian wants to have a date with Ashley as a way to come across as chill and fun. Boogie kind of hilariously says, “Don’t force anything,” like he might as well have said, “Don’t be a creepy date rapist” and the look on his face is priceless. Boogie’s pretty funny when he’s not being “on,” like pulling his Boogie schtick.

So Ian asks Ashley out and she is a good sport. They have a date in the robot room, with Britney acting as the waitress. It’s adorable.

Coaches Competition

Frank, as host, gets to wear an awesome MC Hammer-like outfit. The coaches look like goobers. Britney is spot-on with her genie comment. The challenge is a transfer-while-on-balance-beam challenge. If you drop your wad of cash or fall off the beam, you’re out. Not just starting over. So it’s imperative to be slow and methodical.

Dan’s “strategy” is to throw the competition so he and Danielle keep their weak persona. Um, dude, think this all the way to the end — if they can get Danielle out of the house, you’re gone too! It’s a two-for-one, which is huge since the seed has been planted that the coaches might enter the game. So you should want to win so you can keep her safe. Duh.

Anyway, Britney gets off to a huge lead, but then she drops some cash and she’s out. She was moving a little too fast — once she got a lead, she should’ve slowed down. And then hilariously, Boogie is done with the challenge and hops off the balance beam before he hits the button, so he loses. What a doofus. So Janelle wins. Whoopity.

Strangely, she decides to save Ashley. Hmm. Ashley and Wil are very popular, we’re pretty surprised she didn’t save Joe. Janelle gets to pick the Have-Nots too, so she picks Britney’s three players plus Ian.

Willie’s Meltdown Continues

So Willie’s been cooking pretty good since Frank won HOH and Britney dressed him down. Now he’s a Have-Not. And he has a right little tantrum about it. He’s pouting and storming around, then Britney practically dares him to confront the other coaches, so he marches upstairs to the HOH room.

His purpose is to supposedly defend his team members, but instead he vows he’s getting evicted before he can be voted out. And so it begins — Willie starts calling everybody bad words and then Joe tells Willie he’s the p****, so then Willie snaps and charges Joe in the bathroom.

Joe puts up his hands, because he feels threatened, and Willie starts yelling, “Hit me” over and over again. Willie then slams himself into Joe. Everybody starts hugging like Willie just stabbed Joe to death. Oh my god, over-dramatic much? Seriously, these people get so Stockholm Syndrome-y, it’s embarrassing.

Willie goes to the DR and he does not reappear in the house. Executive producer Allison Grodner informs them that violence is not tolerated and Willie is out. Um, where was that when Evel Dick was burning Jen with a cigarette?

The show doesn’t even get to nominations this episode, but if you want a full run-down of Willie’s tantrum (which was more involved than we saw on TV) and want to know who is nominated, you can read about that here.

Or sign up for the live feeds, which have remained pretty great, even with Willie gone.

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