Remember Brandon Hantz, the second member of the Hantz family to be on a CBS reality show when he followed in Uncle Russell’s footsteps to “Survivor”? He has posted a response to his Uncle Willie’s ejection from the “Big Brother 14” house — if you need details on that incident, read all about it here. Brandon says:

I appreciate everyone’s support. No one knows what happened in there. We can all speculate what happened. It doesn’t matter. He’s family. He’s my family. He’s my blood. He’s my uncle and I’m gonna go to bat for him. If you have something negative to say, keep it to yourself. I don’t wanna hear it.

You can’t expect anyone to be pushed up against a wall, pushed into a corner … I don’t car what kind of situation it is. These are real people that have real feelings that you can test that will lash back if necessary. So keep negativity to yourself, we don’t need that. It’s just real unfortunate this would happen to family like this …

My Uncle Willie is a loving, loving person. My little cousin Seth is a homosexual and he loves my cousin Seth very much. And for people to call my Uncle Willie a homophobic person is completely inaccurate …  

We don’t wanna be the losers, we don’t wanna lose. So we have a lot of pressure on ourselves. Nobody likes to lose, but for us, it’s a problem. I don’t appreciate anybody, anybody, who says they ain’t got any kind of problems. For us, it’s our temper. We got temper issues …

Boogie is a little punk! Boogie is a little punk! He’s like a little chihuahua who barks, barks, barks when a big dog comes around the corner. He ain’t barkin’ no more.

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Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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