dan gheesling ian terry big brother 14 finale 'Big Brother 14' winner Ian Terry 'pretty disgusted' by Dan's play, but no hard feelingsIan Terry was crowned the winner of “Big Brother 14” by a 6-1 vote over runner-up Dan Gheesling, which Ian admits was a bit of a surprise to him.

How are you feeling? Is it just totally surreal?

“Amazing. It’s totally unexpected. I had absolutely had no idea it was going to happen. Beautiful moment, it was great.”

Were you surprised by the 6-1 vote?

“Yes. I did not expect a landslide, I thought it would be a lot closer or maybe even Dan winning, so I was definitely pleasantly surprised.”

Did you ever consider taking Danielle to the Final 2?

“There was never any point in my mind where I considered taking Danielle to the Final 2. I gave my word to Dan and I was going to honor my commitment no matter what.”

Did the level of animosity on the jury towards Dan surprise you?

“Yes, I actually was surprised. I didn’t expect to get Jenn’s vote, I was really shocked by that.”

How do you feel about Dan and his game play?

“I was pretty disgusted by the cross thing and dangling the $50,000
in my face. I felt like he was jerking me around all week really, but no
really hard feelings. It ended up working out. He never actually did
any of the dastardly things he was planning on doing, so there you go.”

So you think you’ll be friends outside the house?

“Yes. Yes, I do. With all of them, including Willie and Jodi. Absolutely.”

Would you return to the “Big Brother” house?

“I want to get my degree first and then I would return, if asked back. Yes.”

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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