Ashley Iocco is “Big Brother 14’s” resident “ditzy blonde,” but there might be more going on there than meets the eye. She tells Zap2it that she’s a huge fan of the game and already has some ideas about her strategy.

“I’ve actually been a fan since day 1. Since Season 1 my mom and I have been watching ‘Big Brother.’ It’s been a big summer pastime for us,” says Ashley.

As far her strategy goes, Ashley has dubbed it the “Snow White” strategy.

“It is the Snow White strategy. I plan on giving love energies to everybody and then I’m going to have my seven dwarves and they’re going to follow me. That’s going to be one alliance,” says Ashley. “And then I’m going to my other alliance, which is like my family. I want to have a ‘Big Brother’ family, a mom, a dad, siblings.”

But in addition to those alliances (how many people does she think will actually be in the house?), Ashley also wants an alliance on the down-low.

“I would like to have a secret alliance I don’t want anyone to know
about. I know that’s tough, but I feel like secret alliances get you
really far,” says Ashley. “I want that person to be extremely positive. I really want
to transform all of my alliances into these positive, cult-like people
— high-fiving and winning and just loving life.”

Back home, Ashley is single, but she says she won’t lead anybody on to further herself in the game.

“I’m open to a romance if it’s real, if I have a real connection and I find my soulmate, that’s great,” she tells us. “But I don’t want to have a romance to better my game, I don’t want to lead anybody on.”

And what won’t she do to stay in the game? “I won’t boink on camera to stay in the game,” Ashley says.

Good to know. “Big Brother 14” premieres Thursday, July 12 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. Don’t forget – sign up for the live feeds%name 'Big Brother 14's' Ashley Iocco: 'I won't boink on camera to stay in the game' so you can follow along with all the fights and crazy shenanigans on what we think is going to be a great season.

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