dan gheesling ian terry big brother 14 finale 'Big Brother 14's' Dan Gheesling: 'I would've taken Ian' to the finals“Big Brother 14” came down to Dan and Ian in the finals, with Ian pulling out a 6-1 win over the former BB champion. Dan tells Zap2it that he was a little surprised it wasn’t closer.

Were you surprised at the votes? Because we were surprised.

“The one vote that really kind of was my nail in the coffin was Jenn’s. I thought I had her because I thought there was so much dislike between her and Ian. I thought I would have a
shot if I had her vote, so when her key came out and said ‘Ian,’ I knew it was curtains for me.

Jenn said in a post-show interview that she thought you played the better game, but that you’d already won once, so she gave the money to Ian.

“Obviously, had I known that information, I might have swayed the jury, maybe have given a totally different jury speech. Not trying to sound cocky or arrogant, I just thought [Jenn and I] had a really great relationship. And she wasn’t very fond of Ian.

But I’ve never sat on the jury, I’ve never been backstabbed. I would try to vote on the best player, but people vote for different reasons and it’s up to me as a player to decipher that, who’s going to vote emotionally and who’s going to vote strategically.”

How much do you think your having won before hurt you?

“Apparently it cost me at least one vote. [laughs] I’m sure it cost me more than that. Keep in mind I’m sitting next to a 21-year-old college student, very likable, underdog type kid and then you have me, someone who’s won half a million dollars. It makes it a little bit easier of a sell to give the money to Ian.”

Did the level of animosity and holier-than-thou attitude from some of the jury members surprise you?

“A little bit. My first time around, I ticked off a few people, but they really looked at the game and I was able to snag seven votes. I didn’t think I was going to snag seven, but I thought a few people wouldn’t be as personal when they voted. But it’s something I misjudged.”

Were you really going to take Danielle to the Final 2 if you won HOH?

“Knowing what people have told me now that I’m out of the game, of course I would have! At the time, I thought I stood a better chance against Ian because I thought Danielle was very well-liked by the jury, at least to my knowledge. But not knowing, honestly I would’ve taken Ian. We figured we each had like two votes going into it and we’d just see how it played out.”

If it wasn’t you, who do you think deserved to win Big Brother 14?

“I think Ian was a great candidate. He played a good game. He did what he had to do, won some competitions and jumped from one alliance to another. He’s definitely a worthy winner. One of the things when I sit back and watch the other seasons, I want someone to win who played the game and you can say that about Ian.”

Would you ever go back in the house again?

“Having my wife let me miss our one-year wedding anniversary to go back a second time around, plus to come in and prove what I had to prove, I think this is the perfect time for me to take my wife by the hand adn ride off into the ‘BIg Brother’ sunset. At this point, what do I have left to accomplish? But — never say never.”

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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