danielle murphree big brother final 3 'Big Brother 14's' Danielle Murphree 'wouldn't play with Dan again, never'Danielle Murphree just missed out on the “Big Brother 14” finals and she tells Zap2it that she thinks she could’ve won if Dan had taken her — but now she has found out he wasn’t going to and she’s a little mad about it.

Were you surprised Ian didn’t take you to the Final 2?

“No, Ian is a sweetheart and was just being honest with me. He gave me a heads up ahead of time that he was going to take Dan to the finals no matter what.”

Did the jury votes surprise you? Because we thought Dan had it in the bag.

“Yes, the jury votes definitely surprised me. But when I sat down, I felt all the tension and hate towards Dan that had apparently been going on amongst them at the jury house. I didn’t know that he would only get one vote, I thought he would get two or three, but I definitely expected Ian to win.”

How are things with you and Dan? Are you going to be friends outside the house?

“I don’t really know how to answer that right now. I’m a little stunned, I keep finding out all this new information about how he screwed me over without me even realizing in the game. So I really don’t know. It depends on how much more information I find out.”

Maybe when you’re a little farther removed from the game?

“Maybe. But if he’s gonna sit here and do all this stuff, like he just admitted he was really gonna take Ian if he won, stuff like that really rubs me the wrong way. I can’t stand being lied to, even in a game like that, because I was being loyal and faithful the whole time to him. I’m a little mad right now.”

Do you think you could have beaten either Dan or Ian in the finals?

“I think I could’ve beaten Dan. I don’t know if I could’ve beaten Ian. I think Ian would’ve probably beaten me. The jury had such a negative thing about Dan and they associated me with Dan, so I don’t think I could’ve won against Ian.”

How are things with you and Janelle? That was an interesting comment she made during the finale last night.

“I know. Go figure, right? They’re not good, we haven’t spoken. I have nothing against her, I think she’s beautiful and smart, she’s probably a great person outside of here. I guess she doesn’t like me much. I have nothing against her. But yeah, it was a little awkward.”

Is there anything on the horizon for you and Shane?

“I sure hope so. I adore Shane. I would never ever want to hurt him. We definitely spent a lot of time last night together and hopefully there’s more to come.”

Would you ever go back in the “Big Brother” house?

“Ummmmm …. it’s a possibility. I’m not going to say a definitely yes or a no. It just depends on what the twist was and who was coming back. I wouldn’t play with Dan again, never.”

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