Meet Frank Eudy from “Big Brother 14,” who has his own celebrity past – his father is Sidney Eudy, a.k.a. WWF/WCW wrestler from the 1980s Sid Vicious (also known as Sid Justice and Psycho Sid). But Frank tells Zap2it he may not be revealing that to the houseguests.

“I’ve contemplated not letting people know that my dad used to be a professional wrestler because I’m worried if people see that my dad was once on TV they think I don’t need the money or that’s the reason I got on the show,” says Eudy.

And that’s not the reason Eudy got on the show. He’s been a fan of the show for years and this was actually his third time auditioning.

“I’m pumped to the max. I’ve been a fan since Season 6, I had a girlfriend at the time who got me into it and I have not missed an episode since,” says Eudy. “This is actually my third time trying out … made it to the finals every year.”

As far as strategy goes, he says he’s not above lying or scheming, nor is he above using a showmance to advance his position in the game.

“I’m going to play the game as nice as I can, but I think as far as lying and scheming goes, it’s very important. Manipulation is a very important key to the game,” says Eudy. “Since I’ve tried out before, I’ve wanted to go into the house single. I don’t want anything holding me back. If I do need to work a showmance in order to help me in the game, I don’t want anything holding me back.”

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Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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