Meet Ian Terry, the youngest “Big Brother 14” contestant at 21 years old. He tells Zap2it he’s quite an expert on all things “BB” and “Survivor,” and that he’s not going to lie about his age or occupation (which is an engineering student).

“I’m not going to lie about my age or occupation going in … I guess if there’s anything I don’t want [the houseguests] to know, it’s that I’ve seen the show extensively … I know the show well, I know ‘Survivor’ very well too,” says Ian. [Ed.’s note: Willie Hantz may not be able to keep it a secret that he’s Russell’s brother with Ian in the house.]

Ian does reveal that he’s got a bit of a pre-set strategy going into the house.

“I’d like a strong alliance of five – not be the strongest person, not be the weakest person,” says Ian. “I want to get a good strong guy to do the physical challenges. I would like to think I can do the thinking for the alliance. Get a good-looking girl in there to disarm the men, they seem to have a way of cajoling that type. Get an all-American guy and an old guy would be useful to have … there’s gotta be at least one old guy, I’m hoping for someone in their 60s.”

He also says that he’s looking for romance in the “Big Brother” house.

“I am single, completely single. I am looking for a genuine romance in the house. None of that fake stuff. If there’s a good girl in there, my type, good-looking girl, I would definitely be up for a romance,” says Ian.

And finally, he insists that he wants to “play an honest game.” We say – good luck with that.

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Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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