janelle pierzina big brother 14 'Big Brother 14's' Janelle Pierzina: 'It's all hate' with Mike BoogieJanelle Pierzina was the first evicted contestant in the “Big Brother 14” house since the coaches entered the game as players. She tells Zap2it that she knew it wasn’t looking good for her — and that her relationship with Boogie is all hate.

What drew you to coming back to “Big Brother” for a third time? Are you glad you did?

“I’m definitely glad I came back. I wanted to do the show again because of the coaching aspect of it. When I heard the twists and the ideas they had for the season, I was really excited and I wanted to be a part of it.”

It seemed this week like once you were nominated, your heart just wasn’t in fighting hard to stay. Were you kind of ready to go?

“It wasn’t so much that I was ready to go, it was just — I knew once I was nominated at the Power of Veto ceremony that was going to be backdoored and that the fix was in. It wasn’t about me giving up, it was like I already knew my fate.”

What do you think of the alliance that got you evicted?

“I don’t know. I think it could come back to bite ’em in the butt because I would have actually been pretty loyal to Dan and Britney. I don’t know if Mike Boogie can do the same. He’s definitely know for being untrustworthy.”

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Do you have a love-hate relationship with Boogie? Or is it mostly just hate?

“I’m going to be honest — it’s all hate. There’s not one thing I like about the man.”

We saw on the live feeds yesterday that part of Dan’s Diary Room session was accidentally leaked to the house. Did anything happen in the house yesterday after that happened? Did it give you any kind of spark to fight?

“No, I didn’t hear it. I think only Boogie heard it and maybe a few other people, but I was out by the pool.”

Who do you think is the strongest player in the house right now?

“Probably Dan or Frank. I think those are the two strongest. I think they’re both incredibly strong players in the game. They both have what it takes to win.”

Who are you rooting for to win the money?

“I hope Frank or Dan wins the money. Well, I’d be rooting for Joe too, but that might be a long shot. Yeah, that’s who I’m rooting for basically.”

So will we ever see you back in the “Big Brother” house?

“I don’t know, we’ll have to see!”

“Big Brother 14” airs Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday nights on CBS. Be sure to sign up for the live feeds to keep track of Frank’s reign as HOH this week.

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