Jenn Arroyo is definitely one of the bigger personalities we met at the “Big Brother 14” press day. She tells Zap2it that she’s ready to just be herself and while she’s not looking for a showmance, she’s up for flirting with all the ladies of the house.

“I won’t make out with a dude or anything ridiculous like that [to win the money]. I’m a ladies-only kind of gal, so I won’t do anything like that. It’s like Meatloaf – but I won’t do that,” says Jenn. But she adds, “I’m a natural-born flirt. I’m a romantic at heart. I’m going to flirt with all the pretty ladies in the house.”

It’s refreshing to see a lesbian in the house — they have been few and far between on “Big Brother.” And Wil Heuser will be pleased, as he’s not the only “token gay” this season.

Jenn also tells us that her strategy involves being herself and finding a good partner who is in it to win it.

“I’m definitely going to be myself. I think a lot of people are going to be intimidated about just how I look, where I’m from, who I am overall. I got a lot of smarts up here. I’m going to take some of the intimidation and twist it around, use it to my advantage,” says Jenn. “[I’m looking for] someone who is down for the get down. Someone who is ready to make whatever moves and pull whatever moves to advance us ahead.”

She also says that while she is a sweetheart and would love to play a stand-up game, she knows that is probably not how it will go.

“I’m more of the honorable kind of thing, so that’s going to be a little tough, but the main focus is to get to the end and win that American cash money. I’ll do whatever it takes,” says Jenn.

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Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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