Meet Jodi Rollins, one of the oldest contestants on “Big Brother 14.” She’s always been a huge fan of the show and she tells Zap2it she hopes the other contestants are fans too.

“Since Season 1, never missed a season. I love them all for different reasons,” says Jodi. “[I don’t like] airheads walking around who just want to be famous, don’t really care about the game. I love this game, so I hope they love it too. Even other competitors, I want them to love it.”

Jodi seems to us like she’s got a good head on her shoulders. She definitely has a decent strategy going into the house.

“My strategy is based on my intuition. I consider myself to be highly intuitive and I’m going to go in there, size people up, figure out who I can use to forward my game, and get rid of everybody else,” says Jodi. “I want to align with somebody people don’t expect me to align with. Someone who is very different from me – maybe physically different, tattoos, purple hair, really young, really old, something. Someone they don’t expect me to align with who can be trusted.”

[Ed’s note: Might we suggest Jenn Arroyo!]

As far as playing a manipulative game, Jodi tells us she knows it’s all part of “Big Brother,” but that she won’t stoop to personal attacks.

“I don’t want to backstab, per se, but sometimes you may have to. If I can avoid it, I will. But if I can’t avoid it, I will lie. That’s not who I am in my every day life, but this is the ‘Big Brother’ house,” says Jodi. “[I won’t do] evil things, like manipulate in a way that hurts someone in their core.”

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Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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