jojo spatafora big brother 14 'Big Brother 14's' JoJo Spatafora: 'I hated' the coaches twistJoJo Spatafora was the second hamster voted out of the “Big Brother 14” house. She tells Zap2it who the biggest threats are in the house and how much she hated the coaches twist.

Are you glad you did Big Brother?

“Oh yeah. Definitely. It was an awesome experience. I’m thankful I got picked to be in the house. It was only for a short time but it is something I will always remember.”

Would you change anything in how you played the game?

“The only thing I regret is trusting Willie. That bullying and playing too hard too fast turned everyone against Britney’s players. It should not have been that complicated the first week.”

Your last day or so in the house, why didn’t you take Britney’s advice to stay quiet? It seemed like your talk about Danielle is what got you ousted.

“Because last week Kara did absolutely no campaigning and Frank did. I knew out of the two Frank was the bigger threat. Out of me and Danielle I was the bigger threat. I knew that I was probably going home so I figured why not. What did I have to loose. I had to try.”

If you get to come back into the game, will your strategy be different?

“I would play more of the week card and not let people see the fight that I have.”

Who is the strongest player in the game right now?

“Frank and Shane. Frank – physically he is a beast, he plays a great social game. He is a great liar as well. Shane is also very physical. He also has a great social game. You can see the fight in his eyes and I think that is a big part of winning this game. The three girls that are left have no chance. They are just going to float.”

How do you feel about the coaches twist? Was it a good idea?

“I hated it. You work so hard to get there and think of your own strategies… I told myself that I wasn’t going to play dirty in the beginning because I wasn’t going to play that hard in the beginning. I had so much more that I wanted to do. In the beginning I wanted to show people that I was loyal so that in the end they wouldn’t see it coming if I threw them under the bus or backstab them. Even with Shane, we had an alliance, but when it came down to it if we had to go after each other so be it. Every man for himself.”

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