Meet JoJo Spatafora, one of the new “Big Brother 14” contestants. She tells Zap2it that she’s hoping to align with any gays in the house and that she won’t be revealing to the cast that she’s kind of a gold-digger.

“I want to align with definitely any gays. I love the gays, they are fabulous, we get along great,” says JoJo. “And they are great game players because they’re just like girls — they’re more manipulative and sneaky, but at the same time loyal.”

As far as a showmance goes, JoJo says she’s unattached back home – except for an ex-boyfriend she’s kind of dating and a guy she’s leading on because he gives her whatever she wants.

“I’m still dating my ex-boyfriend, but I don’t have any commitments … I don’t want to [have a romance] because automatically you’re a target. I want to try to be smart about it … If I did a showmance, I would do my best to keep it on the down low,” says JoJo.

She adds later, “I wouldn’t say gold-digger, I don’t like that term. But back home I’m kind of dating this other guy too, leading him on … I have no intentions of being with him in the future, at all. But I keep telling him that when I’m ready for a boyfriend that he’s going to be it. But those aren’t my intentions at all. It’s really just ’cause he’s a sucker and he gives me whatever I want. But at the same time, I feel bad because I am a good person.”

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