kara monaco big brother 14 2 'Big Brother 14's' Kara Monaco: 'If I could go back in, I would go in with guns blazing'Kara Monaco was the first player voted out of the “Big Brother 14” house. She tells Zap2it in her exit interview that if she has the chance to go back in the house, she’s not going to be Ms. Nice Girl anymore.

Did you enjoy Big Brother? Was it everything you were expecting?

“Yeah – I enjoyed it immensely. I think it was a great experience and I’m happy I did it. I just wish I could have stayed longer.”

Do you wish you had come into the house a little more guns blazing? Been a bigger personality in the house?

“No, because that is just not me. I don’t love to be the center of attention. I think it is better to lay low because you don’t want to put a target on your back too early in the game. But, if I could go back in I would go in with guns blazing.”

What do you think was your downfall in getting evicted?

“I think people saw me as a threat and they viewed Dan as a huge threat. That hurt me a lot because everyone was scared of Dan and they wanted him out. I think people formed alliances and that led to my eviction.”

Are you in favor of the coaches or not?

“I have mixed feelings on it. I do like that they are there. I think that is great because they can advise us and help us since we don’t know what we are doing. It did hurt us too because people were not only worried about getting out players but they wanted to get out coaches as well.”

If given a chance to come back into the game, will your strategy be different? How?

“My strategy would definitely be different. I think I just may not be as nice as I was because it didn’t really get me anywhere.”

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