aaryn gries bella petite fired big brother 15 'Big Brother 15': Aaryn Gries removed from Bella Petite modeling search over racist and homophobic remarksAaryn Gries may be having a grand ol’ time in the “Big Brother 15” house but her racist and homophobic remarks inside the house are having repercussions on her real life that she won’t even know about until she leaves the BB house.

She has already lost a modeling contract with Zephyr Talent in Austin, Texas, but now she has also been removed from the Bella Petite magazine model search.

Ann Lauren, the editor of Bella Petite, writes in a letter to readers:

Like many of you, I was surprised and disappointed to read about the
recent insensitive comments from Ms. Gries on ‘Big Brother.’ I want to
emphasize to all of our readers that her comments are absolutely
inconsistent with the principles that Bella Petite is built on.

As a result, I have determined that Ms. Gries is no longer a positive
representation of Bella Petite’s brand and Bella Petite will not be
featuring her in any promotions related to the model search in
accordance with the rules of our model search. I certainly appreciate
Ms. Gries right to express herself, but simply do feel that her
involvement in any of our model search promotions going forward would be
appropriate given our core principles and values at Bella Petite

Read the full letter here.

Just as an aside, Aaryn isn’t just making comments towards the Asian, African-American and gay member of the house either. She has called her fellow female contestants b****es and c***s.

Ironically, Aaryn could be heard on the live feeds early Thursday morning (July 4) saying that she “better get a good job” from her stint on “Big Brother.”

Yeah, good luck with that.

Gries is not the only BB houseguest to feel the heat over their insensitive and appalling remarks. GinaMarie Zimmerman has also been dropped from her pageant company. The other worst offender, Spencer Clawson, has not been getting much press or been fired from anything yet, but we don’t really expect him to. He doesn’t work in an industry that is terribly concerned with PR (he’s a railroad conductor).

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