aaryn mean girl big brother 15 'Big Brother 15': Aaryn keeps digging her own graveThere’s a new sheriff in town in the “Big Brother 15” house — and the ones that just fell from power are not happy about it. Strap in, because there is mondo drama to be aired.

Mean Aaryn and Hysterical GinaMarie

The fallout from Nick’s eviction was swift and crazy. GinaMarie lost her ever-loving mind, talking about how she just needed a couple more weeks to get Nick to, we don’t know, start boning her? Her Nancy Kerrigan, “Whyyyyy” was amazing. She’s crazypants, the live feeds were awesome that night.

Awesomely, what we didn’t get to see while Julie was interviewing Nick was that GinaMarie started yelling about how the people that just played them are losers and scrubs. We would suggest that we play a drinking game where you drink every time GM reminds us she’s from New York, but you’d be wasted halfway through the show.

And Aaryn and Kaitlin are mad about Nick’s ouster, but they’re even madder when Helen wins HOH. Aaryn perpetually looks like she has sucked on a lemon. Meanwhile, The Cherokee Wonder gets right back in the game — we have to give him some major props.

While his female alliance members are off sulking and being sore losers, Jeremy starts playing his butt off. He congratulates Helen on her win and applauds her gameplay, then he tries to rally his ladies into acting like not-a-holes, but they’re not listening to him.

Except first GinaMarie has to sit shiva for Nick, crying over his hat and his cup and his toothbrush and his beard trimmings and his toejam and his bellybutton lint and GAWD, WOMAN. You are embarrassing us and we don’t even like you.

The Fight

We now have the most infamous fight yet in the BB house — Kaitlin and Aaryn confront Jessie about her turning on them and they are completely blind to the fact that all Jessie has wanted this whole time was to be a member of the pretty girls’ clique and Kaitlin and Aaryn have Mean Girl’d her at every turn. So, she ditched them and went the other way.

And they can’t fathom that the other side was actually (gasp!) nice and respectful to her. We mean, is it any wonder when you say things like, “Crazy, slutty b****”?

Plus, in the wake of little miss Texas losing her HOH powers, she and her cronies think they can take whichever bed they want. So now Aaryn starts tossing Candice’s pillows on the floor and then flips her bed up against the wall.

But the ugliest part is when Candice confronts her about it, Aaryn starts “acting black” at her and Kaitlin and GinaMarie ask if the “black” is going to come out. Then Aaryn says she has crabs. These girls are pieces of work, you guys.

Howard talks Candice down because they really can’t rise to the bait. We can’t really imagine what that is like. I’ve been subjected to some pretty gross misogynistic comments but not when I was trapped in a house with it like this.

And yes, Candice could leave but she shouldn’t have to. How are there people still living in this world who feel like this is an OK way to behave?

Then Amanda gets into it with the Mean Girls, telling them that they are bullies — which they are — and that Aaryn is being racist and Aaryn actually goes, “I didn’t say anything racist.” Um, this is like three minutes after she got all gross and racist in Candice’s face!

Amanda is a big, fat truth bomb and Aaryn, Kaitlin and GinaMarie do not appear to have five braincells between the three of them.

Showmance Time

Amanda and McCrae continue to be super cute, as he confesses to her about the Moving Company. She trusts him still, mostly because he has obviously flipped and then he was honest about it.

The Hysterics Continue

GinaMarie’s meltdown goes on all night, so Candice and Aaryn can come together over having to get her committed to the looney bin to make her feel better. Aaryn does apologize to Candice, but we all know the truth about what Aaryn really thinks — that Candice took Aaryn’s comment wrong, not that Aaryn’s behavior is wrong. Because Aaryn is kind of a horrible person. Thankfully, Candice does not fall for it.

The Have Nots Competition

The houseguests are competing on four teams of three, moving milk from a trough to a milk jug — but they do so by tossing it to each other bucket to bucket. The first two teams to fill their jug win. Jeremy does not compete in this one (he’s a Never Not).

The teams are Candice/Elissa/Spencer/Andy, Aaryn/Howard/GinaMarie/Kaitlin and McCrae/Amanda/Judd/Jessie. Howard, hilariously, is throwing the competition because he’s on a team with such horrible people who haven’t been Have Nots yet.

Unfortunately, even with the first milk-scooper (Howard) throwing the comp, the yellow team loses. Though it’s pretty satisfying to watch Howard continually hit Aaryn in the face with the stinky milk. Also, he is managing to throw this in a pretty convincing fashion. But it’s no match for McCrae’s weakling arms, apparently.

So, the Have Nots are Amanda, McCrae, Judd and Jessie. And GinaMarie acts like their second-place finish is somehow revenge for Nick’s ouster and she storms around like a crazy person. Nick better look into a restraining order after this, no matter how much he acts like he has real feelings for her.

Aaryn and her irony make another appearance when she snots, “K-a-r-m-a, that’s what happens when you’re a mean person,” in reference to Amanda. Yes, Amanda is the mean one.

The Nominations

Jeremy comes to Helen and confesses about the Moving Company, then distances himself from Aaryn — he is continuing to make baller moves. He’s absolutely the target this week, but he’s playing his hiney off.

Helen then presses Howard to be honest to her about voting for Nick to stay (so he comes clean), but then she asks about the Moving Company and he lies again. Oooh, mistake, Howard. She just told you she knew all about it. She gave you a huge opening and you didn’t take it.

Howard’s a huge threat because, despite evidence so far to the contrary, we think he’s a competition threat, plus he’s extremely well-liked in the house.

But in the end, Helen knows that if she’s targeting Jeremy (with Aaryn as the back-up), she needs to nominate Kaitlin and Aaryn (with the intention of backdooring Jeremy after the Power of Veto).

Kaitlin DRs that she needs to play for herself because she’s obviously aligned with the wrong side of the house. Well, we’ll see if she actually plays for herself — Jeremy’s really got her wrapped around his finger.

So, who will get MVP? Probably Elissa. Who will she put up? We wouldn’t expect Jeremy, since he’s a threat to win POV. Find out Wednesday, or just follow along with the live feeds.

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