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So, Aaryn hasn’t quite learned her lesson about just blurting out whatever small-minded comment comes into her head. It wasn’t captured on the live feeds (that we could find), but Andy and Spencer had this exchange in the backyard.

Spencer: “Did Aaryn piss you off tonight at dinner?”
Andy: “When she said, ‘That’s digusting’? Yes, she did.”
Spencer: “I could tell. That pissed me off too. … What a f***ing b****.”
Andy: “I don’t think she meant for it, I just think she’s not used to having to be careful about saying things like that. But at the same time I didn’t like it.”
Spencer: “I’m sorry you had to sit there and hear that bulls***.”

Andy later clarifies to Amanda and McCrae that Aaryn said two men being in love was “disgusting.” But Andy also says that if Amanda had said it, he would’ve just laughed because he knows she’s joking. And Amanda adds that she loves him and she’s just joking around when she calls him “F****ty Ann.”

Amanda also reasons that she’s not racist because she’s sleeps with black guys. So, there’s that.

In game news, Jessie has pretty much put the nail in her coffin. She has talked with both Andy and Aaryn about Andy using the POV on her and the house backdooring Amanda, which has the 3 a.m. alliance dead set on getting her out. Even Helen is suspicious of Jessie’s machinations, which is kind of weird because Helen should probably be targeting Amanda by now.

But perhaps Helen knows she doesn’t have the votes and she just has to bide her time. It won’t make for a very interesting week, but the next Head of Household is pretty crucial. If Helen/Elissa/GinaMarie/Spencer want to keep surviving, one of them needs to win and Amanda/McCrae need to be targeted.

Will that happened? It’s hard to say, even if one of them wins. But we do know that if Amanda wins (or McCrae, since she controls him), it sounds like Spencer and GM will be on the block with the plan to be to backdoor Helen.

Should be interesting to watch. Also, there’s the whole jury-member-returning that we suspect is happening, so we wonder when that will come to fruition. You’d have to think if it’s an America’s vote, Judd will be the returning player in a landslide. He seems very popular with viewers.

What do you think, hamster fans?

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