aaryn spencer ginamarie big brother 15 'Big Brother 15': Aaryn's black llama named 'Martin Luther' raises several questionsAaryn just keeps making it harder and harder for the PR expert her family reportedly hired for when she exits the “Big Brother 15” house. Read on to find out what’s up, and be sure to sign up for the live feeds to watch the fallout after a houseguest returns on tonight’s live show.

Last night, at around 12:45 am PT in the kitchen area, Spencer, Aaryn and Amanda are talking about animals while a couple other hamsters mill around in the kitchen. And Spencer and Aaryn have the following exchange:

Aaryn: “My llama, my dad named it Martin Luther.”
Spencer: “The Protestant reformer? What color was the llama?”
Aaryn: “Black. She had a white baby though.”
Spencer: “What did y’all name that one, James Earl Ray.”
Aaryn: “Um, no, I don’t remember what my dad named it.”

Oh my god, y’all. There’s almost too many things about that exchange. First off, kudos to Spencer for knowing A) who Martin Luther was and B) who shot Martin Luther King Jr. You may think those things are obvious, but we’re pretty sure Aaryn knows neither of those things.

Obviously, her dad named their black llama Martin Luther King and either he (previously) or Aaryn (now) inadvertently made a funny joke by shortening the name. The white Martin Luther was, as Spencer says, one of the initiators of the Protestant Reformation roughly 500 years ago.

Secondly, the “James Earl Ray” joke sails high over her head. And while Spencer has said many offensive things in the house, we don’t think this was one of them. He was poking fun at Aaryn and her family.

Either way, it’s like — wow. That might be the best exchange all summer.

Meanwhile, Helen’s bag is packed for tonight and several houseguests think it’s going to be another endurance competition. What they don’t know is that there’s actually going to be a competition for the returning houseguest, which means the HOH competition might not even take place tonight (on the live show).

We would guess after Helen is evicted, the show will end with the returning jury members’ competition and then the HOH comp will take place later in the night.

Who do you hope comes back? Based on Twitter, Judd seems to be the heavy favorite. We’d love to see him return, but only if he’s ready to play hard.

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