amanda ginamarie fight big brother 15 'Big Brother 15': Amanda and GinaMarie's bonkers fight gets personalWhoa, hamster fans. Amanda and GinaMarie went from zero to 60 in about 20 seconds in the “Big Brother 15” house last night. Sign up for the live feeds to keep up with all the shenanigans, including the fallout from the double eviction tonight, and keep reading to find out what GM and Amanda got into last night.

So, at 9:20 p.m. PT, Elissa is sleeping in the color block room, Amanda is in the DR and the rest of the hamsters are at the dining room table just chilling. Until Amanda wanders in and asks if Elissa is down for the night or if she’s just napping.

And apparently there’s a smirk of some kind? Which causes GinaMarie to go absolutely bonkers. Amanda definitely keeps fanning the flames, but GM absolutely loses her ever-loving mind.

GM: “I’m not stupid. You might think I’m f***ing stupid, but I’m really not.”
Amanda: “I don’t think you’re stupid.”
GM: “I heard what you f***ing said, you called me stupid and I’m not stupid.”
Amanda: “I would never say that about you, GinaMarie.”
GM: “Oh yeah, sure, just like I make myself throw up too, you’re telling everybody, right? … I got sick f***ing twice from slop and I threw up.”
Amanda: “I don’t wanna fight with you. … You did a good job, you got rid of me. You are on a roll, honey.”

[Ed’s note: We have not reported on GinaMarie’s alleged bulimia because there has not been evidence in the house to support it, only chatter from hamsters.]

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Amanda: “You’re in love with somebody you know nothing about. You’re going to be sadly mistaken when you get out of this house, you’re psychotic. That’s how you’re portrayed in this house, as a psycho. Sleeping in a bed with your shrine.”
GM: “You’re a dirty dirtbag whore. … You tell me about every guy you f*** the whole time. It’s about a billion guys. I feel bad for you, bro. … I feel bad for McCrae because he’s actually a cool dude.”

GM: “You have five different personalities ’cause you’re on 50 pounds of medication. … Do you have a coke problem, are you on coke too? … I’m not on medication and you are.”
Amanda: “You should be on medication. … No wonder you’re single, you’re f***ing nuts.”
GM: “Am I on medication for being nuts?”

Talk continues about their respective whore-ness, with GinaMarie saying Amanda has yeast infections and yelling, “Your frickin’ vagina must look 50 pounds frickin’ big like your mouth,” whatever that means, and Amanda calling GM psycho for her shrine to Nick, who didn’t even like her in a romantic way.

Then GM addresses the mysterious Howard comment, saying in an imitation of Amanda, “‘Oh, ’cause Howard wanted his d*** in my a**,’ I got about that one!”

So then Amanda goes up to the HOH to get McCrae’s hat back from the Nick shrine (because Nick wore it all the time) and when she comes back, Amanda tells GM she just lost her mind for no reason and then Amanda gets in GM’s face and Judd has to pry them apart.

It continues for another couple minutes, with GM saying Amanda probably has sex for money and Amanda slamming on GM’s “busted” old face. Then Amanda goes off and cries, making sure to fully berate McCrae for not standing up for her during the fight.

He points out to Amanda that GM might be the tiebreaker vote tonight and that probably was not the smartest thing to do. Um, no kidding.

As much as we’re glad Amanda should be leaving tonight, the house will be less exciting without her. Later, GM and Amanda did apologize to one another, but we still don’t expect Amanda to be staying tonight.

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