amanda spencer jessie big brother 15 'Big Brother 15': Amanda calls Spencer 'misogynistic,' Howard makes a big speechThe creatures weren’t stirring too much in the “Big Brother 15” house, though Howard made quite the speech to the houseguests. Read on to find out what he said, or just sign up for the live feeds to find out who America’s nominee is.

Around 11:25 p.m. PT, Howard came into the kitchen where most of the houseguests were gathered and said the following:

I got something to say. Irregardless of what happens, I know this is a game and a lot of it, man, is hard to muster. Sometimes you wonder what’s going on or something like that. But if the game interferes with what you are personally … I haven’t said one disparaging remark about anybody, especially when it comes to a personal level. I respect everybody to the full. But what’s worth more than winning this game to me is my witness. And when it’s picked at or whatever, whatnot or said not real and I haven’t even said or acted in ad way that makes that even questionable, that’s  a personal thing. So that’s even harder.

Me and Aaryn talked and all the things we’ve disagreed on there’s mutual respect. That’s what people do. No game is gonna change that. I’m not going to politic against whoever I’m against. … I just ask two things — if you hear something about me, saying this, I think I’ve had enough personal conversations with you guys outside of the game enough to know that’s not me at all. Please don’t believe it. And if somebody does say something, if it doesn’t hurt your game and you gotta pair, just say that is not what Howard would do.

Other than that, play your game. I’m good with it. Because nobody in here is gonna hold my d*** in their hands. … At some point, you gotta battle. I know it’s strategy to a point, but at the same time, I’m grown and I can’t be no different from who I am. That’s all I got.

Everybody thanked him and he went back to moping with Spencer and Candice about how he and Spencer are nominated. Later, the houseguests pretty just said, “WTF was that?” Really, it was kind of hard to follow, plus it was a little unclear about what Howard was getting at, other than the fact that he doesn’t want them to question his religion.

Either way, it didn’t necessarily endear him to the rest of the house.

Meanwhile, Amanda is up to her nastiness some more. She is quickly becoming one of the grossest houseguests, down there with Aaryn, GinaMarie and Spencer. We wanted so badly to like her, but … not so much anymore. And the sooner McCrae gets away from her, the better.

So, last night, discussion came up in the HOH room about when Spencer said that Jessie’s ladyparts probably taste like butterscotch — which is gross. Spencer is always being fairly pervy, especially towards Jessie.

But in telling Elissa about the butterscotch comment, Amanda says, “If any man that I ever even was thinking of, debating of dating, would make any sort of derogatory, misogynistic comments like that disgusting lumberjack-looking fat-a** would make, I would never even look at him again.”

That’s rich, coming from the girl who was laughing uproariously when she said, “Howard’s [package] would taste like cocoa butter. Is that racist? … Fine, watermelon? Helen’s would taste like egg rolls. … OK, fine, wonton soup.”

LOL, racism.

Granted, it was part of a wider conversation about what people’s genitals would taste like, but Jeremy’s was protein powder, David’s was blue Hawaiian punch. Why do Howard and Helen’s have to be racist stereotypes? Plus, Helen isn’t even Chinese! And Amanda knows that, because she’s made reference to her eating cats, which is something they do do in Korea (which Helen is, though she’s actually just American and from Chicago).

Amanda is nasty. We have completely hopped off the Amanda-wagon. Who’s even left that we like? Helen, Judd and McCrae? And we suppose Jessie’s fairly innocuous.

Who do you think America has nominated? Find out later today.

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