amanda going home big brother 15 'Big Brother 15': Amanda can't believe 'bimbo' GinaMarie is ruining her gameWhen we last left the “Big Brother 15” hamsters, Amanda was blindsided by being nominated by GinaMarie and started crying at the nomination ceremony. Which was pretty amazing.

Nomination Fallout

The episode somewhat shows us that Amanda goes through the stages of grief, but you really have no idea how long this went on. First, she was in total denial, saying how it just doesn’t make sense, it just doesn’t make sense.

Next, she gets angry and complains to Spencer and Andy, then GinaMarie in the HOH room about WTF is going on because she thought Elissa was going up for sure. Amanda can’t believe “the B.S.” of telling someone one thing and doing another thing. Yeah, can you imagine?! The horror.

“I don’t even wanna be in this house anymore. I don’t wanna even be here anymore,” wah wah wah. Yeah, it sucks when stuff stops going your way for one week. That’s tough.

As far as the romance goes, maybe that is totally real. We’ll see. We’re not saying it’s not, but it’s a lot different when you’re not living with someone and completely isolated from the outside world.

Anyway, the grief stage of bargaining will continue into the night as Amanda starts working on people for Power of Veto and making Elissa the replacement nominee, but GinaMarie categorically says (on the feeds at least) that Elissa is not going up because Elissa kept her safe last week.

It’s pretty amazing. Amanda completely loses it in the face of being on the block again. “You listen to a girl who’s crazy!” she says, which is another great pot-kettle moment for Amanda.

Andy the Duplicitous

Andy is in a precarious position in the house suddenly. He has gone over to the Exterminators but he smartly knows that he has to pretend he’s with McCranda for as long as he can. But his duplicitous nature is definitely raising some red flags with Elissa (and that’ll play out this week, you’ll see).

The Power of Veto Competition

In addition to GM and McCranda, Elissa, Spencer (Amanda’s choice) and Andy, leaving Judd as host. Elissa is suspicious at how happy Amanda was when Andy’s name was drawn and she’s convinced he’s still loyal to McCranda.

The competition is some silly spinning thing where they get dizzy then bowl. The players get to choose who they challenge. Amanda goes first and defeats Elissa, but then in a very smart move, Andy is second and chooses Amanda (who was just puking), but he has excellent reasons. He’s going to throw it to Amanda, while still making the Exterminators and Elissa happy by “targeting” Amanda. That Andy is sneaky sneaky. We’re kind of rooting for him to win the whole thing, y’all.

GM chooses Amanda and that does seem mean because yuck, but on the other hand, if she’s your target, that’s a great strategy. Also, GM spots while she does her spins, which is also a good strategy, but Amanda still creams GM.

Eventually, McCranda have to face off in the finals. McCrae “puts down” Old Yeller and wins the Poewr of Veto. So, Amanda should be packing her bags. They can make this look “tragic” all they want, but the reality is a big player is being taken out. And it’s not like Amanda is going to be shot by Julie Chen execution-style when she leaves the house.

Stop with the plinky-plunky music, editors. This is making me want to barf more than listening to McCrae barf was. Also, it’s interesting the show has been airing their nookie. Remember how scandalous it was when David and Amanda had sex way back on BB4 and it totally aired? McCranda has sex ALL THE TIME and ALL OVER THE HOUSE.

Seriously, they were yelling about it this week as part of their implosion in the house in the face of Amanda going home. They’ve been super gross about it. But has that aired? Nope.

The POV Ceremony

GM is going to do Elissa a solid and not put her up, plus GM isn’t stupid — if Elissa is up, there’s a chance McCrae gets people to vote Elissa out. That’s risky. GM has to put up an Exterminator so that the fellow Exterminators vote the right way (i.e., for Amanda).

McCrae legitimately considered using the POV on Amanda, but he knows that would be a terrible, terrible game move. And to her credit, Amanda did not ask McCrae to use it on her. But she says that GM has “way too much power for way too small a mind,” which is a bit rich since Amanda hasn’t WON an HOH. If you win, you can decide who is nominated, lady.

In fact, Amanda got really ugly about GinaMarie before the POV ceremony. We see none of that has aired tonight.

Anyway, Spencer is on the block as the replacement nominee. But he’s safe and sound this week. Bye, Amanda! Don’t let the door hit you, as you call GM more nasty things in the DR. Guess what? She didn’t ruin your game, you did.

We can’t wait for tomorrow — Amanda’s leaving and it’s a double eviction. Be sure to sign up for the live feeds to follow along with the fallout from the DE and to find out the new HOH, because we’re sure that won’t air on the live show.

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