sad amanda big brother 15 'Big Brother 15': Amanda cries foul because she can't control the HOHThings have finally gotten awesome in the “Big Brother 15” house. For the last several weeks, it’s been pretty boring because everybody just cowers in fear at the thought of incurring Amanda’s wrath, so they do whatever she says. Read on to find out how the tides have turned, or just sign up for the live feeds to watch for yourself.

There’s a new sheriff in town in the form of Elissa as Head of Household. She has Amanda, McCrae and Andy pretty much in a tailspin and she’s not even targeting them. Elissa’s target this week is Aaryn — she wants Aaryn out in the worst way.

But Elissa’s plan is to put up Aaryn and McCrae because she knows McCrae will fight for Power of Veto. She claims that she doesn’t trust anybody else to fight really hard against Aaryn. We don’t totally get her logic — at this point, there are so few hamsters left that we would imagine anyone will fight to win POV and since when has McCrae proven himself to be a huge competition winner?

But whatever, her telling McCrandy that she wants to put up McCrae had Amanda crying and freaking out. She is envisioning Aaryn winning POV, taking herself off and Amanda being the replacement nominee. It would be amazing if Elissa did that, but that’s a few days down the road.

Either way, Amanda was talking all night about how unfair it was and how screwed her alliance is. It’s like — it’s not unfair, Amanda. You’re just mad that your alliance isn’t calling all the shots this week. Boo hoo.

She made a good case to Elissa to nominate GinaMarie next to Aaryn — if Aaryn’s your target, put up her strongest ally next to her. But it doesn’t sound as thought Elissa is going to cave.

Frankly, we haven’t been this excited about nominations in a while. Stay strong, Elissa!

ginamarie racist big brother 15 'Big Brother 15': Amanda cries foul because she can't control the HOHIn other news, on the heels of Aaryn telling everyone about her black llama named “Martin Luther,” when the houseguests were discussing the HOH competition last night at roughly 2:30 a.m. PT, someone said that Helen got hit in the face with one of the balls and GM goes, “She got hit in the face? … Did her eyes go normal?” (Picture at right).

These hamsters, you guys. WTF.

Stay tuned here for later in the day when we reveal Elissa’s nominees. Can’t wait!

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