amanda mccrae big brother 15 'Big Brother 15': Amanda gets another extremely charitable editWhen we last left the “Big Brother 15” hamsters, Elissa had put Aaryn and McCrae on the block, with the former as her target. But there are about to be some serious fireworks in the house.

Nomination Fallout

Amanda doesn’t like two of her alliance members being on the block, but let’s be honest — Amanda could not care less about Aaryn if her man is in danger. He implores Amanda to be nice and not crazy, but as you’ll see, she has a very hard time with that when she’s not in control of the house.

Amanda tries to feel out Elissa’s thinking, saying “everybody” wonders why she didn’t nominate GinaMarie. Um, nobody is wondering that — everybody can see that GM is exactly zero threat right now and there are bigger fish to fry. But Elissa is also a terrible, terrible liar and Amanda totally knows that she is going to be the replacement nominee if one of the two nominees wins POV.

This gets Elissa on board with the backdoor Amanda train and (obviously) Judd and Aaryn are very much in favor of that. It’s an awesome plan that we were very excited about when it happened in the house. Prepare to have your hopes dashed, though, fans.

Power of Veto Competition

In addition to Elissa, Aaryn and McCrae, Amanda, GinaMarie and Judd (Aaryn’s HG choice pick, which raises a red flag with Amanda). But the plan to get Amanda out can still work — as long as Amanda doesn’t win. If McCrae wins, he’ll either take himself off and she’ll go up, or he won’t and he’ll go home. It can totally still work.

Meanwhile, Aaryn’s choice of Judd is causing major rifts in her 3 a.m. alliance — Aaryn is abandoning it and now Amanda knows. Aaryn didn’t really play that out all the way to the end.

Later, Amanda confronts Elissa and GinaMarie as working together and it escalates into a big ol’ fight. GM is made to look way more like the loud mouth during the broadcast, but Amanda was just as much into it as GM was.

McCrae is lamenting Amanda’s “shenanigans,” which is a very, very nice way of putting the way Amanda behaves in the house. So, Amanda goes up to make peace with Elissa in the HOH room and starts crying at the prospect of going on the block. It makes Elissa laugh and laugh, because Amanda is obviously going a little bonkers when she can’t control the HOH. It is pretty funny.

Amanda starts crying and it’s like … suck it up, lady. This is a game and you are a huge threat, of course she’s coming after you.

The next morning, the Zingbot wakes everybody up — time for the Power of Veto! The zings are not terribly creative, but Andy getting called a floater is hilarious, because he totally is. He may be the most loyal to McCranda, but he flies from powerful person to powerful person, covering his butt everywhere.

They don’t show Spencer’s zing — it was about him being fat, which does seem a little mean.

Anyway, the competition is the ball-rolling comp where you have to run from one end to the other to keep catching your ball. If your ball falls, you go back to 0. The first HG to reach 250 passes over center wins POV.

Poor Judd works himself into quite a lather in the heat and he ends up needing oxygen, while GM is the only threat to Amanda winning. But in a terrible turn of events, Amanda wins POV. Curses!

Meanwhile, Andy is nervous he’ll be the replacement nominee.

The Power of Veto Ceremony

Elissa’s nervous about next week because Amanda knows Elissa was after her and Amanda targets anybody who goes after her. Elissa’s not wrong. But for now, they have to concentrate on keeping Aaryn safe (assuming Elissa/Judd/GM/Aaryn are a new alliance).

Later, Elissa decides to mess with Amanda a bit and act like they all threw the POV, which does exactly what Elissa hoped it would do — Amanda goes insane. “What do Elissa and Zingbot both have in common? They’re both made of plastic. Zing!,” says the girl with the GIANT breast implants.

Amanda keeps up her ridiculousness by screaming up at Elissa in the HOH room while dressed like an escaped mental patient. She once again is getting a very favorable edit by CBS, considering she said Elissa “should’ve been a blowjob” that wound up “in the wrong hole.”  There’s a reason why Judd calls Amanda “disgusting” and “vile” in the DR and it’s not because of the silly stuff that made it to air.

Also, following Amanda’s antics, the feeds were down for an hour during what we assume via conversations later the “BB” production team gave Amanda a talking to about her behavior.

When the POV meeting commences, Amanda has on her Daisy Duke shorts that really do her no favors. But anyway, Amanda obviously takes McCrae off the block and Elissa puts up Andy in his place. And Amanda can’t resist calling Elissa “trash,” because that’s the kind of lovely person Amanda is.

Things have been relatively quiet in the house this week after Amanda’s blowup, but sign up for the live feeds now, which should be a lot of fun after the next HOH competition.

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