amanda mccrae nominated big brother 15 'Big Brother 15': Amanda is not handling being back on the block very wellApologies for no recap Sunday night (Sept. 1), “Big Brother 15” fans. Some Labor Day weekend kitchen labor kept us away from TV. But we’re here for you today with a recap of the fallout after the latest Head of Household competition.

HOH Competition

When we last left the HOH comp, houseguests were moving eggs through a chicken wire fence and hopping them over to a carton — first person with 12 wins. Now, before the live show cut off, Andy and GM had two eggs apiece and that took about four minutes during a commercial, so we don’t think this HOH takes a terribly long time.

In the end, GM (who probably has the smallest fingers in the house) pulls out a win. The popular thinking (for everyone who is not named McCrae or Amanda) is that McCrae and Amanda will be nominated this week since neither one of them won HOH.

It would’ve been more interesting if Andy had won, because Amanda thinks he’s still in her pocket, but we don’t think he is. It’s a moot point, anyway. GM’s loyalty is to the Exterminators and Elissa right now.

Post-HOH Comp

Now, the immediate aftermath of GM’s win is that Amanda was following her around like a puppy for pretty much the entire time between HOH win and the nomination ceremony. The show conveys that, but not nearly to the extent that it was actually happening. Amanda was, like, stalking GM, continually either encouraging her to get out Elissa as revenge for Aaryn, or just trashing Elissa.

The Exterminators celebrating in the storage room is pretty delightful. Did anybody think at the start of the summer that Andy/GM/Judd/Spencer had a shot at the final four? Nope. And it’s even better once Spencer and Judd have to wear their chicken suits for coming in last place in the HOH competition.

Meanwhile, Amanda keeps at it with GM, saying that if she targets Judd and Elissa, no one will be mad at her. GM nods her head and smiles, but we all know it’s B.S.

When GM gets her HOH room reveal, Amanda is mad that Elissa is being so nice to GinaMarie, which is hilarious since Amanda hasn’t left GM alone since the comp ended.

Later, downstairs Amanda, Elissa, Spencer and Andy are sitting in the living room and this is where Amanda loses her mind again. Elissa says that she thinks Jessie was the only 10 in the house, which she knows is something that will push Amanda’s buttons. But Amanda just pulls her typical profanity-laden tirades. One thing the show does not show you is that Amanda yells out, “Bye, Elissa! Go lock yourself in your HOH — oh, stop, you can’t do
that anymore! … You f***ing say back-handed things, you think I can’t
f***ing stand up for myself? … I hope America sees what this f***ing c*** sits here and does.”

Does Amanda think she’s a 10? Is that the crux of the issue? That someone she purportedly hates to the core doesn’t think she’s a 10? *sigh*

Amanda mistakenly thinks that she’s going to walk out of the house and America is going to wonder why Elissa was being so mean to “poor, innocent” Amanda. The lack of self-awareness on these people is oftentimes staggering.

Speaking of which, Amanda says Elissa has a God complex. Hello pot? This is kettle. You’re black.

Amanda is trying to milk the victim card to GM for all its worth, but thankfully GM is not buying any of it.

Luxury Competition

There’s a balloon-popping competition for $10,000 and in explaining it, Amanda gets a dig in at her boyfriend and how much money he makes. Real classy. Anyway, Spencer is the first person to find the 1, 0 and K chips, which means he wins the money. Later on the live feeds, they mention about how he’s got 10K and $13,000 from his stipend, so now we know how much money they get to play the game if they’re gone all summer.


GinaMarie hilariously decides she’s just going to try to avoid Amanda all afternoon, as Amanda desperately tries to get her time with GM to try to work her “magic.” It’s so funny how much Amanda does NOT have a handle on the house this week. She thinks everyone will be enraged if Elissa is not on the block. Um, no, lady — the house will be enraged if YOU are not on the block. Read a room, girl.

When it comes to the nomination ceremony, GM pulls Andy, Andy pulls Spencer, Spencer pulls Elisa and Amanda starts looking like she just pooped her pants. Then Elissa pulls Judd and it’s fantastic.

In her speech, GM can’t get the word “dynamic” out of her mouth and remember that for later. But either way, Amanda starts crying and it’s awesome. Yeah, you can’t control the house all summer and be a total a-hole and expect to make it to the end. You can control the house, but you have to be loved and charismatic (i.e. Dan or Dr. Will). You can’t rampage around like a mean elephant (and never win anything) and expect to stick around.

Tune in Wednesday for the POV ceremony, or just follow along with the live feeds to watch for yourself. They’ve been pretty great lately.

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