amanda cries big brother 15 'Big Brother 15': Amanda loses it but is still in chargeFind out what’s going on in the “Big Brother 15” house after Aaryn won her fourth Head of Household competition, or just sign up for the live feeds to watch for yourself.

First off, Amanda practically had the HOH handed to her and she still couldn’t win — and it sent her into a bit of a tailspin for a while last night. McCrae pretty much admitted he lost his round to her on purpose and then Aaryn said she tried to let Amanda win, but Amanda was taking too long to answer and Aaryn knew the answer, so she finally just answered and won.

Amanda was so upset over never winning anything that she went into the storage room to cry and chose to do so on the floor, hiding behind the recycling bin. It’s no Rachel Reilly crying in the bushes, but it was still pretty great — it’s pictured above.

Then once Amanda emerged from the storage room, she was having a pity party with her alliance members and Aaryn said to her, basically, “Maybe you’ll win next week, because I can’t compete.” Bwahahaha!

You know, the racism aside, Aaryn has been pretty funny in the house. Too bad about the racism.


So, we predicted last night that Aaryn would play things safe and nominate Elissa and Spencer and Amanda’s plan of backdooring Helen would hinge on who wins POV and if she can convince Aaryn to use Helen as the replacement nom.

However, it sounds as though Aaryn has been convinced by her alliance to put p Elissa and Helen outright. For the 3 a.m. alliance, it’s a great idea because if Elissa/Spencer were on the block and Helen happened to win POV and take Elissa off, then they can’t evict one of their targeted people (Hel-El).

We just weren’t sure Aaryn would be so bold as to put Hel-El right on the block, since Aaryn and Helen have gotten close and if Aaryn wants Helen’s vote in the end, she needs to keep Helen’s eviction off her shoulders.

Frankly, we think it’d be smarter to wait on Helen and make McCrae or Amanda go after her because you know Helen is going to be persuasive in the jury house about who to award the money to.

Aaryn is acting like Elissa is the real target and Helen is the pawn, but Amanda’s plan is to pretend like that’s the deal and then evict Helen. Amanda did express on the feeds last night that she’s annoyed that Aaryn is playing her game (meaning Amanda’s game) and will probably win the money for it.

Well, two things — A) Aaryn has been kind of a competition beast, so Amanda should just count herself lucky that Aaryn does what she tells her to do and B) Nobody has any illusions about who is running the house.

If Amanda gets the final two, we think she’ll have no trouble winning the money. And with Helen as the target this week, that might take care of Amanda’s only real threat.

What do you think, hamster fans?

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