sad amanda big brother 15 'Big Brother 15': Amanda rails on GinaMarie in the face of the Power of Veto ceremonyFind out who won the Power of Veto in the “Big Brother 15” house this week and if he or she used it to take someone off the block. Or just sign up for the live feeds and watch for yourself — they’re only $10 and they’ve been pretty lively lately.

GinaMarie nominated McCrae and Amanda for eviction and then McCrae won Power of Veto, which put a kibosh on the evict-McCrae plan this week. But that’s OK, because his partner in crime is on her way out the door.

And she’s handling it very well, yelling in the backyard today about how she’s being taken out of the game by “Ginaf***ingMarie,” a “f***ing idiot” “snaggletooth” from Staten Island who took 48 times to pronounce the word “dynamic” and is jealous that Amanda is in a relationship in the house. She’s a real classy lady, that Amanda.

On the block with her, since McCrae took himself off, is Spencer. But he’s not going home. Elissa, Judd and Andy will all vote Amanda out and that’s enough.

If McCrae doesn’t win HOH this week, he’ll likely be targeted again, but so will Elissa. It’ll be interesting to see which way the Exterminators go if one of them wins HOH.

Now, if McCrae wins HOH, Elissa will absolutely be the target and vice versa. So the Exterminators are actually sitting pretty this week.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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