ginamarie kaitlin aaryn big brother 15 'Big Brother 15': America's MVP re nomination is ...In the “Big Brother 15” house, we got some interesting insight into America this week. Keep reading or just sign up for the live feeds to find out what’s going on for yourself.

After being America’s nominee (which we explained here why it makes sense), Elissa took herself off the block by winning the Power of Veto. Who went up in her place?

America’s second (or third or fourth) vote-getter, GinaMarie. No big surprise there. We would be willing to bet the three highest vote-getters were Aaryn (first) and then Elissa and then GinaMarie. Kaitlin probably didn’t enter into the equation.

There was also talk that people got confused that they were voting FOR MVP again and voted for Elissa to go up. Maybe, but we’d bet there are enough Rachel-haters out there that it wasn’t a case of a mistake more than it was a case of her actually getting a lot of votes.

GinaMarie is acting like she’s cool with it, but we all how crazypants she is, so she’s probably pretty upset.

“I like how the three prettiest girls are up there. It’s gonna be a nice-lookin’ couch. I take it as a compliment, means I’m most valuable player,” says GinaMarie. “You wanna play with the best, let’s play.”

She continues in her patented profanity-laden ramblings, “I kick f***ing a** ’cause I ain’t f***ing fake and I don’t say s*** to b****es. … Send me home, then. Don’t bother me. Get to see my family, get to see Nick. All good, don’t bother me.”

So, who do you think is leaving? We’d wager at this point it’ll be Kaitlin. She’s easily the biggest threat between the Mean Girls (she’s much smarter than the other two, probably combined), plus as Judd points out, keeping Aaryn around is good game play because she’ll always be a target. And GinaMarie is annoying as all get out, but she’s not a threat to win anything.

What do you think, “Big Brother” fans?

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