big-brother-15-andy-HOH.jpgTime to find out who won the late-night Head of Household

competition on “Big Brother 15” — or you could just sign up for

the live feeds, because us feed-watchers knew days ago.

Anyway, the show makes us relive Candice and GinaMarie’s fight —

turns out they kept at it all throughout the live eviction,

including that Candice’s birth mom didn’t want her and that she’s

fat. GinaMarie is super gross but they’re both absolutely


Then we have to relive the sped-up “Big Brother” episode that

ended in Judd’s blindside. It turns out the Judd blindside was the

plan all week in case there was a double eviction. We weren’t

aware of that because due to other work committments, we couldn’t

follow the live feeds as closely as we normally do.

Now, the editing would have you thinking this Judd eviction

happened in the span of the few minutes that the show cut to

eviction, but Helen and Amanda had started orchestrating this days

ago on the live feeds.

Watching Judd beg for his life during the commercial break is

pretty sad. No wonder everybody was crying. This really feels like

the first time we’ve seen so much footage from the double-eviction


The Aftermath

Helen bucks up Aaryn, while Andy and McCrae cry in the cockpit

room like Judd is dead. And McCrae’s going to feel even worse when

he finds out Judd wasn’t the MVP nominating Amanda every week.

And now the beginnings of the “3 a.m.” alliance form — Amanda,

Aaryn, Andy and McCrae. Aaryn agrees to it, as she should, but she

trusts Helen more, as she should. Aaryn has to know she’s low

person on the totem pole in the 3 a.m. alliance.

The Head of Household Competition

There’s a ’50s diner in the backyard and the competition is

tourney-style, with two people trying to get the “cherry” on top

of the sundae using the contraption they gave them earlier in the

week to practice on.

After beating GinaMarie and then Jessie, it’s Andy in the finals

versus McCrae and Andy pulls it out for his first win of any kind

in an individual comp. Good for him, his DIary Room after he wins

was super cute. However, the way he’s totally in Amanda’s pocket

means that Jessie should be worried. Also, the Have Nots are

Elissa, Helen, GinaMarie and Aaryn (by volunteer). Aaryn says

she’s being a “Good Witch,” which … yeah, now, to the other

hamsters, she totally is.

There is then an awesome montage of everyone talking about how

much they love Andy and how safe they are with him as HOH. That

was some clever editing, “Big Brother” guys. Kudos.

What we

do not give “kudos” to is Amanda’s meltdown against McCrae about

him not letting her win the HOH round where they were against each

other. Yeah, she’s crazy. RUN, MCCRAE, RUN!

As Jessie says, “Stop throwing a pity party for yourself and move

on,” Amanda. Seriously. You need to reel it in, girl.

The Nominations

When talks turn to noms, Helen is talking to Andy about taking out

Amanda/McCrae but little does she know that Andy is way more loyal

to McCranda than he is to her. Frankly, Helen should be rounding

up Elissa, Jessie and Aaryn into a Final Four deal. She’s smart,

but she doesn’t quite have a handle on just how much power Amanda

wields in the house.

For Andy’s part, he’s wondering if he

has to show his hand this early or float by a little longer.

What’s he going to do? Spoiler alert — he’s going to hedge his

bets a little longer.

In the end, Andy plays it safe and nominates Jessie and Spencer.

As a viewer, that’s super boring and we’re very disappointed. But

as far as Andy’s game goes, that was pretty smart at this point.

Why make waves if you don’t have to? Make the next HOH do it.

Plus, he is VERY unlikely to be nominated next week because

everybody loves him and no one sees him as a threat.


is pretty much dead girl walking this week, unless she can win

Power of Veto.

What do you think, hamster fans? Did Andy

do the right thing?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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