aaryn-gries-POV-big-brother-15.jpgIt’s time to find out the MVP and his or her nominee, plus who is going to win the second Power of Veto in the “Big Brother 15” house? Unless you watch the live feeds and you’re already way ahead of this.

Nomination Fallout

Nobody is overly surprised by Elissa and Helen being on the block. Helen’s upset but determined that they are going to win POV. Oh, if wishing made it so, Helen.

Meanwhile, Candice has completely figured out what is going on in the house, moreso than any other hamster (and this also holds true on the live feeds). She knows an all-guys alliance is running the show and that Aaryn is just Jeremy’s puppet. What’s too bad is that Candice can’t seem to round up an alliance to go against the guys because the guys have gotten their hooks into too many people around the house.

Speaking of Jeremy, he’s so excited for the house to be a sausagefest as they take the girls out one by one. Blech.

And Helen is still rolling on her down-low alliance with Aaryn, which is a great strategy. Frankly, we’d love to see Helen nicely and slyly get all the way to the end. She’s a sweetheart.


It’s Elissa again, of course, because the legion of Rachel fans are voting for her. And we’re fine with that, because Elissa winning MVP keeps the house interesting.

Helen and Elissa discuss who she should put up. Jeremy is her target and Kaitlin is her backup. They consider putting up Kaitlin first, then throwing the Veto so they can backdoor Jeremy. We really wish they had gone with that plan.

But unfortunately, they go with putting Jeremy on the block initially, which is a risk. He’s a threat to win competitions.

The Fauxmance

So, now we have to deal with GinaMarie’s weirdo obsession with Nick. Nick may be giving good DR by saying he feels like a total pimp, but if you watch the live feeds, you can tell he’s not at all interested in GM and she’s like half a step away from attacking him in the shower.

At least he admits that he doesn’t feel the same way. And we’ll say that he’s not leading her on, exactly, he just knows that if he outright rejects her, he’ll incur some serious wrath. But at least he’s not gettin’ some and just using her.

The Power of Veto

Jeremy is nominated, so he, Aaryn, Helen and Elissa are playing for POV, along with Amanda and Nick. Jeremy is fired up, saying silly jock-y things like, “Guard your meat,” whatever that means. On the feeds, he spent a lot of time pacing around and stretching and acting tough.

Meanwhile, upstairs, the Mean Girls keep talking about Elissa “the b****,” which — lovely, guys. Honestly, Elissa has done nothing to these girls except get MVP. They are straight-up Mean Girls.

Elissa is now threatening Nick as the replacement nominee if he doesn’t throw Veto (or wins and doesn’t use it). Nick agrees to throw the competition because what does he care? If he goes up, he’s got the votes to stay.

Howard sweetly prays with Elissa and Helen when they cry about missing their families, as the plinky-plunky strains of The Good Guys play. (Seriously, they are the good guys, along with Judd, Andy, McCrae and Candice and mostly Amanda. Everybody else kinda sucks. Nick’s OK.). God or not, whether that’s your thing, Howard is awesome. Thumbs up to Howard.

And we go from God to Slutty Baby GinaMarie, which is terrifying. Britney is there to announce that she’s pregnant and they are having a baby-themed POV competition. Congrats, Britney! That’s wonderful for you.

The challenge is balancing stuffed animals on a giant mobile, which is a pretty clever challenge. They are wearing onesies and Jeremy’s is purple, which he described as the “queer” onesie that he got “Jewed” with in the competition — which is completely absurd. However, he manages to stay in “beast mode” because he wins. *sigh*

Amanda came pretty close to winning, but Jeremy actually figures out the trick first. He is not even that smart, y’all, so we really wonder about some of these other people. Helen should’ve totally had this, it’s not physical!

Grossly, Jeremy rips off his “queer” onesie and then makes a weird mommy joke in the DR.

Sex in the Champagne Room

The editors win our undying love by playing some total ’70s porn music over Jeremy and Kaitlin making out. Pssst — we’re pretty sure they did it in the HOH room this week.

But Kaitlin is nervous about going on the block in Jeremy’s place, so he starts barreling around the house threatening people like a big ol’ bully. The Moving Company really should have recognized Jeremy’s crazypants ultimatum as a huge red flag and talked to Elissa about getting Jeremy’s girlfriend out of the house.

The show may make it look as though McCrae recognizes the threat, but he really doesn’t that much. Not enough to do anything about it, anyway.

The Power of Veto Ceremony

Why do they show Jeremy perusing the memory wall? He doesn’t pick his replacement. Silly.

You know what’s weird? Not one person really made a play to convince Jeremy to stay on the block. He’s a huge threat, but his ego is so huge that he probably could have been convinced that someone like him (who nobody will vote to evict, is what you tell him) needs to be up against ELissa to ensure her going home. And then you oust him.

But Elissa completely fumbles this replacement nomination. Completely. If Elissa had put up Kaitlin, Jeremy would’ve been mad, but a lot of the house could’ve been convinced to evict her. But Candice gets into Elissa’s ear about the all-guy alliance and convinces her she should put up a guy.

Now, Candice is right about the alliance — they need to act against it. But, dummy, do the math. If you put up one of the alliance members (particularly one who has a pseudo-girlfriend in the house), he’ll have the votes to stay. But taking out Kaitlin, who is ostensibly aligned with the guys because she’s loyal to Jeremy, is also a strong move and could be much more easily managed.

The way you target the all-guys alliance is to get HOH and put up two of them (plus hopefully a third with the MVP nom). This is not the way to target the all-guys alliance.

As it stands, Nick is on the block and he not only has the Moving Company on his side (which means he also has Kaitlin), but GinaMarie is in love with him. That’s enough votes to stay right there. Things are not looking good for Elissa.

So, some people are trying to keep Elissa around (Andy, Amanda, Candice) but we are not optimistic. We expect her to get voted out tomorrow.

What do you think of her game play, “Big Brother” fans?

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