howard big brother 15 'Big Brother 15': Can Howard keep himself safe? Will Aaryn target Candice?We have to hand it to Howard — he’s playing hard this week to keep his alliance safe in the “Big Brother 15” house. Will it be enough? Read on to find out what’s been going on, or just sign up for the live feeds. It could be an interesting week of dealings in the house.

So, Candice is kind of freaking out over the fact that she’s likely going up on the block when Spencer takes himself off. She doesn’t want to go up against Howard and is pleading with the women of the house (not Aaryn, though, because she probably knows that’s a lost cause) to get somebody else put up instead of her.

But Amanda and Helen have laid it out for her — she has to go up because she’s a vote for Howard to stay. And they’re right. If he’s the target, they need his ally on the block next to him.

Meanwhile, Howard started the night working hard on Helen and Andy, trying to get them to vote out Amanda. We don’t really think they’re going to flip at this point, but Howard certainly has to try. But by the end of the night, he told Helen that if Candice goes up next to him, he’s going to tell everyone to vote him out and keep her.

What will be more interesting to watch this week is what Aaryn decides to do. She genuinely seems to like Howard — but she still does NOT like Candice and she admitted to Spencer last night that she actually wants Candice gone.

Which is a dumb way to play. Candice is not nearly as big of a threat as Howard is, but Aaryn is thinking personally here.

If Aaryn decides Candice should go, she might actually be able to get the numbers for that because everybody seems pretty annoyed by Candice most of the time.

In other news, Andy continues to be kind of a snake on the DL. He creeps around the house and manages to inject himself into conversations all the time, then he runs back to people and tells them what he heard. And no one has caught on yet, really. Last night, Helen said
she wants to break Amanda and McCrae up and Andy ran back and told them.

So it might actually be in Helen’s best interest to get Amanda out before Amanda comes after her, but Helen doesn’t really know that yet.

The POV ceremony will be later today, hamster fans. Do you think Howard has a chance to stay?

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