big brother 15 hoh veto practice competition 'Big Brother 15': Does double eviction mean end of MVP twist?The “Big Brother 15” house has been fairly quiet this week, in terms of game play anyway. Read to find out the state of things, or just sign up for the live feeds to watch for yourself. The feeds should be pretty fun after tonight’s double-eviction episode.

In case you haven’t heard, not only is tonight the double-eviction episode, but it’s also the start of the jury — both people going home tonight are going to the jury house, which means there will be nine jury members this year.

We also suspect that this is the end of the MVP twist. We don’t know how the show could possibly incorporate it into a double-eviction episode, so we would wager a guess that the game is going back to business as usual.

It’s too bad, because we like that twist, even if CBS bungled it a little by having Elissa in the house (who was a shoo-in to win the MVP every week because of her sister’s fanbase).

Anyway, as the house stands right now, Candice is out the door in her clown suit, despite Amanda devolving into kind of a crazy person this week. What will happen during the second eviction tonight? That is anybody guess. It really depends on who wins Head of Household.

Speaking of Amanda, though, she and McCrae continue to have some trouble in paradise. Basically, he’s trying to tell her to cool it because her fights and ravings and threats are rubbing people the wrong way. But she’s not really having any of it.

Last night on the feeds, shortly after 10 p.m. PT, this conversation took place in the HOH room:

Amanda: “I question everyone’s f***ing loyalty.”
McCrae: “And people don’t like that because people have been good to you. … Just because you’re paranoid about what people have been doing behind your back doesn’t mean you should question them.”

There’s some intermittent chatter, then Amanda starts getting mad at McCrae apparently taking Aaryn’s side against her.

Amanda: “You always f***ing do this. You’re going to f***ing sit there and take the side of a girl (Aaryn) who says GinaMarie f***ing hates me, makes up lies. … She’s trying to turn me against GinaMarie, turn me against Jessie, which I already am, don’t need it anymore, but she makes s*** up and you’re going to defend that?”
McCrae: “No, I’m going to defend the fact that you don’t understand what threatening and not threatening is.” …
Amanda: “Well, why don’t you go sleep downstairs with her tonight if you’re gonna f***ing … You always f***ing do this and it’s annoying. You always take the other person’s side and it’s annoying.”
McCrae: “I’m saying you can be more careful with your words because that’s what’s going to f*** you over in this game.”

Um, Amanda, maybe you should close your mouth and open your ears for once. McCrae speaks the truth — you need to dial it back a bit.

In other news, the houseguests were given a practice prop for what is undoubtedly one of the competitions tonight. It might be HOH, but it could also be the POV competition. The picture is above, with poor clown-suited Candice practicing, which is not something she really needs to worry about.

What do you think will happen during tonight’s double-eviction episode, hamster fans?

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