ginamarie crown big brother 15 'Big Brother 15': Fights galore as everyone's nerves are frayingWe thought this week was going to be kind of boring in the “Big Brother 15” house. Well, thanks to a combination of production and the houseguests being trapped together for a long time, this week is anything but boring. It’s a great time to sign up for the live feeds.

First off, production knows this week is boring and they are trying to stir up stuff in the Diary Room. Andy and Amanda had this exchange last night at 9:13 p.m. PT on the feeds:

Amanda: “I had to like make up s*** this week ’cause it’s been so boring.”
Andy: “I feel like production’s just like … they’re like stretching for material.”
Amanda: “I feel like next week’s plan [to backdoor Helen] they’re incorporating into this week’s plan.”
Andy: “‘Just talk about how the tides are turning and Spencer might go after the Veto comp’ and I’m like — but that’s not what happened.”

Then later, there were several fights in the BB house last night.

First, Helen and Jessie got into it, mostly because Jessie has been telling people that Helen and Elissa were in on the plan to try to flip the house on Amanda last week. And they were, but they couldn’t rustle up enough votes to do it, so that plan died.

But of course, Helen doesn’t want anybody to know that, so she’s mad at Jessie and denying everything. Elissa also made Jessie mad by asking her if she’s “on” something, which was one of those weird Elissa things where she says something seemingly random and maybe hurtful, though her lack of awareness has her thinking it was totally innocuous.

Anyway, so Jessie has finally started to see which way the wind is blowing and she knows she’s going home. Andy didn’t use the Power of Veto, so it’s Jessie and Spencer on the block and Jessie’s out. She’s not dealing with it very well and we can probably expect more pot-stirring from her this week.

And Helen. Oh, Helen. She’s been playing such a great game so far, but she does NOT have a good handle on the house this week. The plan from the 3 a.m. alliance is to backdoor her next week, but she does not seem to be on to that yet. If Helen or Elissa don’t win the next HOH, expect them to be targeted.

In more interesting news, Aaryn seems to have run into that point with GinaMarie where everything GM does annoys her. It’s sort of like when you go to camp with your best friend and it’s awesome for a while, but it hits a point in the summer when you have been around each other too much and there’s a big fight.

That’s what happened last night. If you’d like to watch, it starts at roughly 2:50 a.m. PT on the feeds. Here’s the gist — it starts because Jessie was in the backyard saying that Aaryn (and everybody else) “talks s***” about everyone and GM assures Aaryn that that kind of thing happens all the time in a game like this and it’s not a big deal (and she is correct):

GM: “Everybody talks s***. People talk s*** behind people’s backs, people talk s*** to people’s faces. … I’m not defending, I’m telling you what happened.”
Aaryn: “I already know what happened, I don’t know why we’re still talking about it. … I already know, just drop it. … I’ve heard this like 10 times already.”
Andy: “We’ll be fine, she’ll be gone in two days.”
Aaryn: “Just don’t tell me not to be upset when someone brings my name up.
GM: “I’m just telling you to be cool, that’s all.”
Aaryn: “Well, when people bring your name up, you’re not cool so don’t expect me to be cool. I’m not gonna sit here and let you talk to me like that.”
GM: “I’m cool! I’m cool, mommy, I’m cool! I’m not sayin’ nothin’.”
Aaryn: “I don’t know why you’re still talking. You’re f***ing annoying right now.”
GM: “You better check yourself again, ’cause if you wanna yell at me, yell at me right now. … You wanna be a big girl, come talk to my face. … Why are you being so nasty right now?”
Aaryn: “Leave me the f*** alone!”
GM: “You’re the one who’s talking and getting all f***ing crazy, Aaryn.”
Aaryn: “Get the f*** away from me! … I don’t wanna f***ing talk, leave me the f*** alone.”
GM: “You’re acting like a psychopath again.”

It was pretty delightful to watch Aaryn lose her mind, because GM is totally right and she also kept egging her on. After Aaryn calmed down, GM started waking up the whole house, telling them to come watch the fireworks and claiming that Aaryn screamed “bloody murder” at her, which she may have — the feeds cut to fish for a while in the middle.

So, GM brings McCrae and Jessie up to the HOH room because she decides they all need to hash it out together or something. GM’s kind of a weirdo.

But the hamsters have been in the house for a long time and obviously tempers are short and nerves are fraying. It’s wonderful.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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