big brother 15 final head of household 'Big Brother 15' final Head of Household competition live blogIt’s time for Round 1 of the final “Big Brother 15” Head of Household competition. Can you believe the Final 3 is Andy, Spencer and GinaMarie? We say that now, but actually, after we met the houseguests at press day, we picked Andy and Spencer as two of the five people we thought would go far in the game.

Of course, having seen Spencer play, we now kind of can’t believe he’s in the finals. But we have always thought Andy was a pretty good bet. GinaMarie is a surprise, but she kind of floated along all summer and won a couple key competitions.

Join us here for the live blog of the endurance competition to see who gets to skip to the final round of the HOH comp, or just sign up for the live feeds to watch how it all plays out.

12:23 — The competition is skating, they are being dragged around a rink as water and bubbles and crazy stuff is sprayed at them. Spencer is already out, surprise surprise.

12:24 — And just like that, Andy is out and GinaMarie has advanced to the final stage of the HOH competition. Well, nice of CBS to let us watch two seconds of that comp.

Well, this means that at some point over the weekend, Andy and Spencer will face off to see who will compete against GinaMarie for the final HOH. Whose chances do you like to win?
Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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