Andy-ginamarie-big-brother-15.jpgWho’s going to win the 15th season of “Big Brother”? Our vote is for Andy Herren, but according to Zap2it’s poll, the majority of you want GinaMarie Zimmerman to win by a 2-1 margin (nobody really wants Spencer, sorry Spence). Of course, we don’t yet know who the final Head of Household is, so that will determine a lot.

Join us here at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT when CBS kicks off its 90-minute finale. We’ll be live-blogging all the festivities. And leave your questions for Spencer, Andy and GinaMarie in the comments below, because we’ll be interviewing them tomorrow.

Time to crown a “Big Brother” winner!

9:30 — Julie welcomes us in a beautiful black dress, as we get a recap of Helen and Amanda dominating the game most of the summer, which they totally did. But Helen got complacent and Amanda got a little too big for her britches, so the Exterminators took over and now it’s an all-Exterminator finale.

9:35 — We join the final Head of Household competition Round 1, which happened nearly a week ago. Lordy. And to no one’s surprise, Spencer is out pretty quickly. Watching him do this comp is like watching a dancing bear in the circus.

9:38 — Not much later Andy falls (and that’s not editing, this competition really did not take very long). GinaMarie was well-suited for this competition and now she’s one step closer to winning.

ginamarie cone of shame big brother 15 'Big Brother 15' finale live blog: Andy Herren, GinaMarie Zimmerman or Spencer Clawson, who will win?9:40 — GM’s glitter angel is cute and it’s funny when she chokes on some glitter. You know, if GM had not been so ugly with some of her comments — like saying if Helen got hit in the face, maybe it would straighten her eyes out — we would totally be on board with her winning. She’s funny and fun to watch.

9:45 — Time for part 2 of the Head of Household competition, which is hilariously called “Crab Grab.” Spencer and Andy are facing off in an ocean-themed challenge where they have to scale a wall and line up the houseguests’ heads in the order they left the house (not their actual heads, crabs with their pictures on them). Also, they aren’t scaling a wall unassisted, because that would be totally unfair to Spencer. They are in a harness.

9:50 — However, the harness still doesn’t really help Spencer. The inspirational music swells as he digs deep to try to complete the competition, but spoiler alert — the times really weren’t that close.

9:51 — The machinations start and both Andy and GM know that they person who “deserves” to be in the finals are each other, but it will also be so much harder to beat each other in the finals, whereas Spencer is a sure win for either of them. They aren’t wrong.

dr will big brother 15 'Big Brother 15' finale live blog: Andy Herren, GinaMarie Zimmerman or Spencer Clawson, who will win?9:53 — Dr. Will is there to talk to the jury members in the jury house. Helen loses her mind and we can’t even make fun of that because we totally would too. We love Dr. Will SO MUCH it’s kind of sick.

9:55 — It’s interesting to hear the jurors debate. Amanda says that GM didn’t do ANYTHING until she finally joined the Exterminators, while Judd says to vote on game-play (meaning vote GinaMarie, not Andy). McCrae points out that Andy is very tactful and well-spoken, which is true and was a big part of his game.

9:57 — They try to pretend like Spencer has a shot. He does not.

10:02 — Time to crown the Head of Household. GM and Andy are on a giant scale in the backyard, that’s kind of awesome. Beats the heck out of sitting in chairs in the living room.

10:04 — It’s the jury Q&A finish-the-sentence challenge and Andy is in the lead 2-1 after three questions.

10:05 — Andy a two-point lead after five questions but then GM gets one back on question six.

10:08 — They both miss question seven but both get question eight right, which means Andy wins the final Head of Household. It’ll be interesting to see who he takes. If he takes GM, he might lose. If he takes Spencer, he’s guaranteed to win. It’s a conundrum because GM deserves to be there.

10:13 — Moment of truth. Andy chooses to evict Spencer, which makes us think even better of Andy than we did. We loved him on press day when we met him, he was absolutely delightful and he’s a HUGE fan of the game, not someone who was recruited to play. The fact that he’d risk his half million by taking GM speaks volumes about him as a person. He really might not win this.

10:18 — Spencer’s eviction interview is not really noteworthy. He likes both the people left in the game, but we suspect he’ll vote for Andy to win.

10:22 — The jury members come out and Helen, Candice and Jessie have on beautiful dresses. We are not in love with Aaryn, Amanda or Elissa’s outfits. Judd looks nice. McCrae looks like a scrub. Dude, put on something snappy.

10:23 — The jury gets three questions per finalist. GM is asked about biggest game move other than getting Amanda out and she falters, she doesn’t relaly answer the question. We do feel bad for GM in this situation, she seems VERY nervous and she’s not that eloquent to begin with.

10:24 — Andy cites his biggest game move prior to Exterminators as aligning with McCranda. He’s correct, that was solid. He was a total rat for McCranda, it was a very big play every week.

10:25 — GM gets a weird question about her biggest obstacle and she says it was when Nick left. Oh, GM. She then later gets a question about why she should get the money and she falls back on being shocked with Nick’s eviction. She gets choked up about needing the money, which might win some heartstring votes.

10:26 — Andy gets a question about him saying he’d be a bitter jury member and he delightfully admits that he stabbed everyone in the back, but that he would not have been a bitter jury member because he appreciates good game play. He later apologizes to Jessie and others about keeping people in the dark about their evictions, which is the way you play the game. Seriously, Andy is killing this. He deserves to win.

big brother 15 final 2 'Big Brother 15' finale live blog: Andy Herren, GinaMarie Zimmerman or Spencer Clawson, who will win?10:35 — GM gives her last minute speech and basically relies on her colorful personality, begs for their votes and tries to apologize if she offended everybody. Andy, on the other hand, points out what a good game he played. He was better prepared for this.

10:37 — The votes are cast. We don’t see, of course, but we suspect Candice votes for Andy, Jessie votes for GM, Helen votes for Andy, Aaryn votes for GM, Amanda votes for Andy, Elissa votes for … gosh, we aren’t sure, Judd votes for GM, McCrae votes for Andy and Spencer votes for Andy. That leaves 5-3 Andy with Elissa’s vote as a don’t-know. That’s just our opinion.

10:44 — The five non-jury members are here, but first we have to reveal to Amanda that America nominated her. She has figured out, now that she got booed, that America was the person who put her on th
e block.

10:46 — Interestingly, Howard word-salads an answer about the show where he seems to simultaneously talk about America misinterpreting comments and also his fellow cast members saying ugly things.

10:47 — In a supremely awkward moment, Spencer is talking about comments the houseguests made and he wonders if he said anything questionable and Julie Chen says we don’t have time to get into it. Oh, Spencer. That’s why you shouldn’t joke about child pornography, dude.

10:48 — America’s Player. Does anybody think anyone other than Elissa will win? Ugh. Sorry, but she’s a total ringer having her sister’s fans to vote for her.

10:52 — Time to get the results. Spencer votes for Andy, McCrae votes for Andy, Judd votes for GM (so far we’re correct). Elissa votes Andy, Amanda votes Andy, Aaryn’s vote goes to GM and then Helen’s vote is for Andy and he wins!

10:55 — We are totally down with Andy winning. We picked him as a frontrunner before the game even started and we love that he not only played a good game, but he’s a nice person. Seriously, he was not one of the houseguests saying ugly slurs about people in the house. We think he’d actually do well if brought back for all-stars. We’re saying it now.

— Andy won 7-2 and GinaMarie immediately starts pawing all over Nick, oh dear.

— The Top 3 vote-getters for America’s Favorite are Elissa, Judd and Howard and Elissa wins. That sucks. Sorry, but no. She was a terrible game player. She won because of her sister.

See you next summer, gang! Thanks for joining us these past three months.

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