Andy-ginamarie-big-brother-15.jpgThis is not so much a recap since tonight’s show is rather lamely a clip show. Instead, we’re going to make it more of a “Big Brother 15” finale preview — but beware spoilers if you haven’t been following along on the feeds. You’ve been warned.

So, the first round of the final Head of Household went to GinaMarie. It was an endurance competition that involved being dragged around on skates and that definitely favored her low center of gravity and dancing background. It was not a shock that she won.

Andy and Spencer competed in Round 2 and it really wasn’t even close. Andy beat Spencer’s time by roughly 15 minutes, meaning Andy and GM will face off in the finals.

At this point, we’re OK with either one of them winning. Not because of any comments made or not made — this is about game play. We think Andy played a better game than GM, but she has won some key competitions and has also had a stellar social game. A lot of people like her.

If we were on the jury, we’d give Andy the money. But it will not be a travesty if GM wins. Spencer winning would be a travesty (not a real-world travesty, a BB travesty) because he has had very little game. Sure, he’s been on the block a bunch, but he hasn’t had to actually work to keep himself around. He’s just been an agreeable pawn.

In fact, whichever HG wins HOH on Wednesday would be wise to take Spencer to the end because we think that’s a guaranteed victory for whomever is sitting next to Spence. But Andy seems bound and determined to take GM because she’s been a better competitor.

We will say this of Andy — he’s a huge fan of the show and it makes sense he’d want to take the better gamer to the end.

GM, on the other hand, is taking Spencer if she wins. She knows her vs. Andy would maybe not swing her way and how can you blame her? It’s half a million dollars we’re talking about.

What do you think will happen on Wednesday, fans? Do you think the jury will award Andy the money if he’s sitting there? Or will they be too bitter?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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