ginamarie cries prank big brother 15 'Big Brother 15': GinaMarie freaks out about a prank, calls Candice 'fat' and other nicetiesLast night in the “Big Brother 15” house, after the excitement of the engagement died down, the hamsters got together to (naturally) talk smack about each ohter. But first, there was a pretty good prank pulled in the house.

Sign up for the live feeds because later today, we’ll find out who America voted onto the block after Elissa (and maybe Aaryn and/or Kaitlin).

So, Judd decided to put on Nick’s hat and towel and run through the house, with ELissa shouting that the “twist” is that Nick is back! It made GinaMarie start to cry. Seriously, folks. Pictures above. She is not a well person.

Then later, she was slamming Candice (again, what else is new?) when the houseguests were talking about who walks around the house in an annoying way:

Spencer: “Candice drags her feet too.”
GinaMarie: “Real bad, it’s f***ing annoying actually. She’s too fat she can’t pick up her f***ing feet. I can’t stand her f***ing voice, drives me f***ing bananas. Never in my life have I heard anybody like that. … Can’t a f***ing house just fall on her?”

The irony that Candice’s voice annoys GM is too delicious.

Later, GM continues her craziness by saying, “I’m gonna marry [Nick], you’ll see. Mark my words. I’m gonna marry him. I’ll have Candice make my dress.”

Run, Nick. RUN.

Kaitlin pipes up, “If Jeremy and I ever got married, the majority of these people would be invited to the wedding. Candice would not be invited, Amanda would not b einvited, McCrae would not be invited.”

Then GinaMarie shouts, “Know what [Candice] could do? She can be the valet to park my motherf***ing cars, that’s what she can do.”

Can someone please tell us — what did Candice ever do to GinaMarie? Seriously, her hatred is ugly and kind of mind-boggling.

Stay tuned for the latest, including the replacement nominee after today’s POV ceremony.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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