ginamarie crazy nick big brother 15 'Big Brother 15': GinaMarie is losing it; Aaryn figures she's 'somebody' nowNot too much is happening in the “Big Brother 15” house in terms of game play right now, but read on to find out about the shenanigans surrounding GinaMarie‘s particular brand of crazy Monday night (July 15). Or just sign up for the live feeds to watch all this for yourself.

So, after Nick got evicted, GinaMarie cried for approximately the next 24 hours and started wearing his hat and toting around his favorite cup. It was a little weird — even GM’s BFF Aaryn made the excellent joke that GM has gone “Miss Havisham” on them.

Well, apparently the Annie’s Boobs collection of Nick items has grown to include his chapstick and a box of cereal he liked and it all sits by GM’s bed like a little shrine. Yes, really.

What are the houseguets to do? Why, hide the items, of course! Except GM totally loses her mind when she finds out the items are gone:

Alright, this is not funny. Who took Nick’s cup? I’m gonna kill f***ing Aaryn. C’mon, who’s playing f***ing games. That’s not nice. [discovers NIck’s hat is gone too] Alright, now someone’s gonna get very upset right now. It’s not f***ing funny, they took his hat. [comes to the lounge] Please, I’m gonna really f***ing cry. DId you really take it? Anybody, please? Does anybody know where it is? … Please tell me now where it is. I need it there.

Then when they don’t give up the stuff (stifling giggles the whole time), she goes back to her bed and cries. Amanda finally tells GM about the joke and everything’s all good, but — seriously, guys. GM is unstable.

Earlier, she had said to Elissa, “I feel OK … little by little, I get happier and happier.”

Seriously, we’ve seen this weird Stockholm Syndrome-y behavior before in the “Big Brother” house, but not nearly to this extent. Can someone please tell her that Nick is not dead?

Meanwhile, Aaryn has finally figured out that she may not be coming across as well on TV as she thinks she is. And she has this to say about it:

“I apologize for things I don’t even want to apologize for. … You’re not somebody until there’s bad things about you online,” says Aaryn. And GM adds, “Bad publicity’s always good publicity, isn’t that what they say?”

That’s … not exactly what they say, no, though we understand GM’s sentiment. However, we aren’t sure they’ll feel that way when they leave the house.

Stay tuned to Zap2it for the latest “Big Brother” happenings — who do you think is going home this week, Aaryn, Jeremy or Spencer?

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