andy spencer mccrae big brother 15 'Big Brother 15': Hamsters making plans for next weekThe “Big Brother 15” house has gotten rather boring as of late, so the hamsters are naturally turning towards next week. Read on to find out what is brewing, or just sign up for the live feeds to watch for yourself.

As we’ve said time and again, the Head of Household competition is crucial. At some point, somebody has to start picking off the easy targets. Will Week 9 be the week? Well, considering how things have gone so far, we’re not holding our breath.


Some houseguests have started to realize how dangerous Amanda is. Elissa even said on the feeds that, basically, Amanda says jump, most of the house says how high. If Elissa wins HOH, we fully expect her to target McCrae and Amanda.

Aaryn, however, is surprising us a little with how she’s kind of over her 3 a.m. alliance. She was saying on the feeds last night that she wants her final three to be Spencer, GM and herself and we think she’s actually telling the truth.

Here’s why — because Aaryn can beat them. If she’s against Amanda, she won’t win. If Amanda ruled the house the way she is and manages to get to the end, she deserves to win the money, as much as we hate to admit it. If Aaryn’s against McCrae, she won’t win because he’s so well-liked. Same goes for Andy, though her chances are better there.

Aaryn’s best chance to win the game is to take Spencer and GM along, which means the lines are going to have to be drawn soon. Aaryn can’t play for HOH this week, so she better hope Spencer or GM wins (or Elissa, though Aaryn would never root for her, but the two may have to come together to vanquish a common enemy).

Meanwhile, if Amanda or McCrae win, things get interesting. They won’t put up Andy and McCrae would not want to put up Spencer, because he has a new all-guys alliace with them. So, who will they target? We’d expect Elissa and Aaryn, with GM as the replacement nom should one of them come off.

Of course, there’s a jury member returning, which the houseguests have speculated about but don’t know for sure. We have a feeling that no matter who it is, that person will be gunning for Amanda, so hopefully the house will finally liven up.

What say you, hamster fans?

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