howard big brother 15 2 'Big Brother 15': Howard and Candice are in the house's sightsWe had a slight delay getting to the “Big Brother” broadcast tonight, but since the previouslies are so long, we’d wager we didn’t miss much.

Howard’s “Game”play

We pick up the show in process with Howard’s house meeting and speech, which is honestly kind of nonsensical. We get that he wants to play a hard game without attacks getting personal, but no one has really attacked Howard. There have been rumblings about him playing the religion card, but that doesn’t even seem to be what he’s addressing here.

It came across weird on the feeds and it’s coming across weird on the show. It’s also super awkward. Everybody is left kind of looking around like, “Ummm, OK.”

Later, the majority alliance in the house convenes and they all think he’s kind of random and bonkers, but it does not change the fact that Howard’s the target for most people this week.

MVP Nomination

McCrae and Amanda have a portentous conversation about the upcoming MPV nomination — it turns out to be Amanda. We’ll tell you that this turn of events made for an excellent week of live feeds. Amanda kind of lost her ever-loving mind when she got nominated. She definitely couldn’t handle being on the block.

Howard’s right that Amanda being on the block helps him, because she’s a huge threat in the house. He’s especially in a good spot when Candice’s name gets pulled to play in POV, because if she wins, he comes down and she can’t be nominated. But will Howard pull off a flip of the house? We’re not optimistic.

Meanwhile, McCrae can’t handle Amanda being on the block any more than Amanda can. He starts threatening Spencer that if he doesn’t win the Veto, he’ll go home. Spencer has a good bead on McCrae, though. He’s kind of a scared little punk.

We love how Aaryn and Amanda are now convinced it’s not America who did the nominating. Shows what happens when you’re controlling and not a very nice person, Amanda.

Power of Veto Comp

The competition is this crazy futuristic-mad-scientist theme, where they are “transported” back to the dinosaur era. Each contestant has to assemble a veto stone with the appropriately-colored fragments. In what is kind of a surprise, Spencer wins.

Aaryn acts like she doesn’t want to pick a replacement nominee, but we have a feeling she won’t have any trouble putting Candice up. Why Candice? Because Howard is the target and if that’s who she really wants out, Candice is a vote to keep him safe. There’s no reason NOT to nominate Candice.

Cry racism all you want — it’s not like Aaryn hasn’t said some ugly things in the house — but in this case, Howard is the house’s target and Candice is his ally. It just makes sense.

The POV Ceremony

The “nominate Candice” talk immediately commences in the HOH room and, as Andy says, it’s a no-brainer if they want Howard out. Candice makes her play to Helen about flipping the house against Amanda and Helen is honest — the majority of the house wants Howard out in the worst way.

Which we don’t quite get — if Amanda is handed to the house on a silver platter and you have an opportunity to take out a major player who has a fantastic two-person alliance, why wouldn’t you take her down?

But all Helen can focus on is that Candice said that Helen’s alliance is running things. First off, Helen, slow your roll. She said the house is run by your alliance with Amanda, not solely by you. Plus, even if you act outwardly like you are definitely not running the show, don’t front with us in the Diary Room. You are one of the bigwigs right now.

But now Helen is convinced that Candice needs to be put in her place since she’s such a troublemaker. Honestly, you think Candice is the problem? GO AFTER AMANDA, DOOF.

As the rest of the week will show (get the live feeds if you don’t believe us), Candice and Howard are kind of terrible at this game and are in no way a threat to win anything, it would seem. Why wouldn’t you keep them?

But everything goes as we all knew it would — Spencer takes himself off and Candice goes up. Can Howard save himself? Is there any chance the house flips on Amanda? We’d say no. But is there a chance the house votes Candice out? Maybe. As Aaryn says, she’s a timebomb just waiting to explode (and explode she does).

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