amanda aaryn big brother 15 'Big Brother 15': Is Aaryn considering flipping the house?The “Big Brother 15” hamsters got alcohol last night, which is always fun. Sign up for the live feeds to watch all the action yourself and keep reading to find out what Aaryn is up to as HOH.

Aaryn nominated Elissa and Helen, but Elissa won POV and later today will be taking herself off the block. Spencer is the natural replacement nominee, but Aaryn started thinking about putting Amanda on the block last night and wondering if they could get her out.

It all started because Amanda and Aaryn got in a stupid fight and because Helen had been in Aaryn’s ear all day about flipping the house on Amanda. For a while, it looked as though Aaryn might rally GinaMarie and Andy to vote out Amanda (Elissa being the third vote), but Andy is too much of a scared-cat to do that.

There was also talk of Spencer voting out Amanda, but he says he wouldn’t vote Amanda out over Helen. Which means he’s going on the block. So, Spencer would rather declare his loyalty to Amanda and be nominated than considering voting her out. It’s kind of insane.

In the end, Aaryn decides she can’t make it happen and Spencer is going to be the replacement nominee, which is so disheartening. Why is everyone so scared of Amanda? If they got her out, the only person who would be upset is McCrae and, honestly, he might even be a little relieved.

Either way, check back here later to see who Aaryn puts on the block next to Helen. And expect Helen to be out the door Thursday, though she will have a chance to win her way back into the house during the live show.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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