judd aaryn big brother 15 'Big Brother 15': Is Elissa being set up to leave?There were some rumblings in the “Big Brother 15” house last night (July 19) about the MVP twist and what exactly Elissa is up to. Read on to find out what’s going on, or just sign up for the live feeds — America’s nominee will be revealed later today.

So, some of the hamsters have figured out the MVP twist — both Aaryn and Kaitlin have voiced that they think it’ll be America naming the third nominee. No one knows for sure, of course, but it has added fuel to the fire that Elissa is not meant to stick around the game for longer than 4-5 weeks.

Elissa has been heard saying she doesn’t want to make it to sequester, she’d rather go home to her family. And now she is insisting she’s not MVP, because she would have been called to the Diary Room to be told she’s MVP last night and she was not.

Kaitlin, who is pretty sharp, comments to Judd around 1:40 am PT on the live feeds in the HOH room: “I thought this entire time that she had four weeks in this game. … I just kind of guessed it, I guessed that she obviously has a different type of contract with CBS than we do. I think that she has a certain amount of weeks [FISH].”

“This game is for her, they solely focus on her, I guarantee it. It’s possible this twist could be for her. And she may be leaving, so it’s possible there may not be an MVP vote anymore. Because I’ve heard she’s told people that she doesn’t want to stay the whole time. I’ve heard she doesn’t want to be here for that long.”

Kaitlin then says, “I feel like she already knows what the twist is,” and Judd responds, “I do too, I feel like she wants to tell us and she can’t.”

Wouldn’t that be interesting?

Now, since Judd has nominated Aaryn and Kaitlin, Elissa could be America’s nominee (whether she actually received the most votes or not) and production could prod them to get her out.

This is all speculation, of course. We will never know for sure. But the hamsters are certainly buzzing about this twist. And we would not be at all surprised if Elissa is named as the third nominee later today.

UPDATE: Not 15 minutes ago on the live feeds, Elissa went kind of bonkers, adding a lot of weight to the “Elissa is leaving this week, which was pre-planned” theory. She started saying all sorts of crazy stuff to Judd:

You can backdoor me. I’m serious. I’m lying about being, I’m not even playing the game. They just put me in here to screw with everyone. I’m just — you should backdoor me. ‘Cause I like to be backdoored. ‘Cause I’m lying about everything. Don’t keep asking me questions I’m not going to answer. But seriously. I’ve realized it doesn’t really matter what I say or do. I’m going to stay here regardless because I’m not even playing, they knew I wasn’t going to be able to play, obviously. And I’m not really Rachel’s sister. … , .

She also tells Judd (with Andy and McCrae sitting there) that she knows something about the twist that she can’t tell them — “they tell me everything, I help produce the show.”

Um, what?

After Elissa’s strange ramblings, Judd immediately starts talking to his alliance about backdooring Elissa. So, clearly America’s nominee is not her (because why else would she be acting this way, if not to be the main target for replacement nominee?). As things stand right now, we’d bet our next paycheck Elissa is out the door Thursday after being put up after POV.

[end update]

Meanwhile, speaking of Kaitlin being smart, she has started to distance herself from Aaryn and is trying to get an alliance going between herself, GinaMarie, Howard, Spencer and Judd. Everybody’s on board, minus Judd. These guys hilariously talked all about it right in front of him in the HOH room and Judd just had to sit there quietly. They don’t know he’s alligned with McCranda and Andy (“McCrandy?”) in the Goof Troop.

What would be kind of cool is if Judd could be a member of both alliances. He would absolutely run right through this game all the way to the end. We’d love to see it — Judd’s a great guy and he’s playing a very savvy social game.

Anyway, check back here later for updates on the third nominee and the POV players. We’re very, very curious to see who it is — since Aaryn was kind of a foregone conclusion as the third nom, but now she’s already on the block courtesy of Judd (funny how that worked out, huh?)

One thing’s for sure — we hope if Elissa leaves that’s not the end of the MVP. We’d like to see more people get a chance and what it does to the game.

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