jeremy kaitlin big brother 15 kiss 'Big Brother 15': Jeremy and Kaitlin's showmance (that no one cares about) is in troubleTime for the Week 3 MVP and Power of Veto episode of “Big Brother 15” — who will be the MVP? Who will she put up? You can also always check out the live feeds to find out what is going on in the house in real time.

During the previouslies, it will never stop being funny when GinaMarie makes the word “cockroaches” have four syllables.


Helen is very blunt (with the viewers at least) that somebody else is the target this week, other than the two nominees — spoiler alert, it’s Jeremy. No big shock. Kaitlin and Aaryn may be Mean Girls, but Jeremy’s a legit threat. He’s pretty smart (much to our surprise, honestly) and he’s a good competitor, plus he knows how to talk to people.

Jeremy’s pretty sure he’s going to be the MVP nominee, but au contraire, mon frere. You’re looking at a classic backdooring this week, fella. It’s a good plan, he’s a threat to win the POV. Helen thinks they put up a weak MVP nom, but Amanda wants a strong one — Howard.

Why is McCrae dressed like Robinson Crusoe?

Later, Helen uses her feminine wiles tears on Spencer, wanting to know all the dirt. He comes clean about the Moving Company, but she’s acting a tad sanctimonious about it. You’re HOH for one week, lady. Don’t forget that. But she has a point about Howard — the cat’s out of the bag, why lie?

Also, Helen — you use your tears on your kids to get them to do stuff? That’s dirty.

MVPRtaFH (Most Valuable Player Related to a Former Houseguest)

Elissa is MVP again and is starting to sound like Taylor Swift when she used to express surprise at winning all those awards. Stop it, Elissa. Also, while we do prefer her side of the house, we hope Elissa goes home soon so someone else can be MVP.

Amanda and McCrae work on Elissa to put up Howard, but she’s pretty tight with Howard and doesn’t feel like she should have to do Am/Mc’s dirty work (and she’s not wrong). Howard finally comes clean about the Moving Company and he totally plays the sympathy card, saying he aligned with the wrong people because one of them turned out to be a bully (Jeremy, is who he means).

Helen cries some more, like — stop it. This is a game and people lie. It’s hard to trust people who have lied, sure, but let’s not cry about it like your best friend just shot your dog.

Later, the El/Hel/Am/Mc/Andy alliance convenes about backdooring Jeremy — AmCrae is still insisting on Howard, while ElHel wants Spencer. Frankly, we think it hardly matters. If Jeremy happens to be picked for POV and wins it, then just send Aaryn’s butt home.

For us, we see breaking up the Mean Girls alliance as more important at this point than taking out Howard.

Power of Veto Competition

The players are Helen, Aaryn, Kaitlin, Spencer (MVP nom) and then Candice and GinaMarie are picked. Helen is pumped that Jeremy didn’t get picked, though don’t count him out. IF he gets on the block, you know he’ll be wheelin’ and dealin’.

Meanwhile, Kaitlin says it was “literally” be the worst feeling in the world if she wins Veto and takes herself off (we aren’t sure that’s the correct use of literally), but then in a DR session, Kaitlin (looking absolutely smashing, we must say) says that she, Aaryn or GM have to win the Veto and not use it. Um, WHAT? Do not be dumb, showmance girl. If you win Veto, you ALWAYS USE IT on yourself.

Kaitlin then tells GM that Helen and her cronies “aren’t even giving Jeremy a chance to play” for Veto. Yeah, that’s how the game works, sweetie. She also breaks this news to GM as though Helen has taken a hit out on Jeremy’s life.

Amanda talks some sense into Kaitlin about how if she wins the Veto, she has to use it because she’ll go home if she doesn’t.

The actual competition has the houseguests photoshopped into works of art and each POV competitor has to recreate an art collection on a wall. They spy the wall by bouncing on a trampoline to look over a wall, which is pretty clever. Then they must recreate the wall on their own wall.

Grossly, GM spies Nick as Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man and she breaks down into tears like the weirdo creeper that she is. This edit is not accurate portraying the breakdown she’s having in the house.

The times end up as Candice at 8:46, GinaMarie at 8:56, Spencer at 12:19, Aaryn at 9:50, Kaitlin at 7:09 and Helen at 8:55, so Kaitlin has won the POV.

Power of Veto Ceremony

So, is Kaitlin going to use the POV? We’ll tell you, on the live feeds, she seriously considered not using it. It’s not just the way the show is editing things. Which we could not believe. If you don’t use it, you deserve to go home.

Jeremy: I just wanna make love to you right now.
Kaitlin: Puts me in an awkward position.


But Kaitlin’s big plan is to use the POV and get Helen to put up somebody else. Um, good luck with that. Kaitlin’s argument is that if Helen keeps Jeremy here, she’ll own him. But that’s a huge lie, because once someone is safe and you’re no longer HOH, he doesn’t have to do what you say at all.

Luckily, Helen’s not that dumb. Of course, before we get to that point, we have to hear the plinky-plunky strains of “Gomer-eo & Fooliet,” like anybody cares about this showmance.

Before the ceremony, Kaitlin DRs that she’s in a lose-lose situation. Um, we see this as a win-win for you, dummy. You get taken off the block and you can distance yourself from your horrible alliance. Kaitlin seemed like a smart, nice girl to us until she met Aaryn and Jeremy, so maybe there’s hope for her yet.

Unsurprisingly, Kaitlin takes herself off and Jeremy goes up. It’s not looking great for him in the house, but anything can happen before Thursday’s live eviction. This “Cherokee Chief” is going to fight to stay and Aaryn is right to be worried — if Jeremy stays, it’s at Aaryn’s expense.

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