jeremy wipes butt elissas hat big brother 15 'Big Brother 15': Jeremy wipes his butt with Elissa's hat, apologizes   will that make it to air?Jeremy continues to be the absolute prince of the “Big Brother 15” house — keep reading to find out his latest activities, or just sign up for the live feeds to find out for yourself.

At just before 7 p.m. PT Tuesday night (June 2), Jeremy gave David a buck-up speech about how he just has get by one more day and then Elissa will be out of the house. Then, as Jeremy was leaving the bedroom, he took Elissa’s hat and wiped it on his bare butt crack.

About five minutes later, Jeremy was called to the Diary Room, where he stayed for 15-20 minutes. When he came out, he didn’t say anything about the hat incident, initially. Here’s a GIF of the hat incident, if you’re curious.

Later, Jeremy told Elissa what he did (though he says he “tapped” his butt with her hat, which is NOT what he did) and apologized to her, saying he was an immature idiot and that the show is dry-cleaning her hat and that he got in trouble with Big Brother for doing it — though later he tells Kaitlin he just got a warning.

We wonder if any of this will make it to air on CBS?

Speaking of hats, Aaryn is still going on and on about hat-gate. Supposedly, Candice sat on Aaryn’s hat and bent the brim. We’re talking about her straw cowboy-esque hat, by the way. And Aaryn will not shut up about it.

Candice denies that she ever did anything to Aaryn’s hat and we believe her. We can find no evidence on the live feeds of Candice sitting on Aaryn’s hat, on purpose or accidentally.

Finally, the ugliness against Elissa continues. There was this exchange Tuesday between the showmance alliance of David/Aaryn and Kaitlin/Jeremy:

Aaryn: “You signed up for this knowing you would piss everyone off. Did you think this was going to be a cake walk? This isn’t ‘The Bachelor.'”
Jeremy: “She would’ve been gone first if this was ‘The Bachelor.’ No dude would sleep with that. You can say ‘Brent’ all you want, but he has to be blind, deaf and dumb. If he can live with that, he has to be just as ignorant.”
Kaitlin: “Well, I’m sure he is.”

Brent is Elissa’s husband, in case you were confused.

All we can say is — we sincerely hope Elissa stays and David goes. These entitled brats that are aligned with him need to be knocked down a peg or two.

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