jeremy fly racist big brother 15 'Big Brother 15': Jeremy's insensitive remark draws ire, Power of Veto critical this weekTensions are running high in the “Big Brother 15” house. Read on to find out the latest foot-in-mouth moment, or just sign up for the live feeds to watch for yourself.

Yesterday, while a bunch of houseguests were sitting around in the backyard (pictured above), the following exchange took place about a fly that was crawling on Jeremy:

Jeremy: “You keep ticklin’ me, little feller. I’m African, we’re used to it. Have you ever seen those tribes where flies are like walkin’ on their face. They’re not aborigines, but — what do they call ’em?”
Aaryn: “Are you talking about the, like, Save the Children commercials?”
Jeremy: “I’m talking about the ones that wear red and they stand on the stick … they’re called something. But they have, like, flies walking on their face.”

Now, if this were an isolated incident, this would be a lot of idle chatter by people who don’t sound especially smart or aware. However, in light of all that has gone on in the house, plus the fact that Howard was sitting right there? Not cool. (Candice is in the picture, but she had gone inside by the time the comments were made.)

Later, Howard, Andy and Spencer were talking about it and Howard tells Spencer, “It ain’t worth sayin’ anything. … I always consider he’s a kid. … Remember why I’m here, what I represent. … It’s like, how much can you take? At some point, you gotta stand up for something. It’s good that I’m older because I’m able to think before I say something.”

“With Jeremy and Aaryn, … I always put it in my head they’re kids,” says Howard. And he adds that he just has to keep his temper and ignore it.

He’s obviously got a very healthy attitude about it. Getting into a huge fight will not end well. It has been brought up time and again to these people about what they’re saying and how hurtful it is, so if they can’t be more thoughtful about it, there’s no use in having a screaming match. They’ll find out soon enough just how they are coming across to the viewers.

Meanwhile, Aaryn, Kaitlin and Spencer are on the block (A/K from Helen and Spencer from the MVP) and Kaitlin has won the Power of Veto. She’s waffling about taking herself off because she’s worried Jeremy will go up and out of the house (which he very well may).

But the major alliance in the house is telling her that if she doesn’t use it, she’s gone. Now, we would argue they’d want Aaryn out before Kaitlin and that Kaitlin might be safe in not using it. However, if we were Kaitlin, we wouldn’t risk it. You gotta watch out for no. 1 and if you win POV and are on the block, you always use it on yourself.

The Power of Veto ceremony will take place later today, Zap2it will have all the information for you.

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