big brother live feeds premiere 'Big Brother 15' live feeds live blog: Who did McCrae nominate for eviction?The live feeds are about to come on for “Big Brother 15” and we can’t remember the last time we were this excited about a season to start. The premiere introduced twists that are actually going to be amazing, plus we’re very excited about this cast.

Join us here at midnight ET/9 p.m. PT for when the live feeds come on and “Big Brother After Dark” starts. We’ll be able to see who the Head of Household has nominated for eviction and probably who the Have Nots are for the week.

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All times Eastern.

12:00 — Here we go, guys! We love the TV Guide Network warning, “Despite our best efforts to avoid airing offensive content, anything can happen.”

12:02 — So, it would appear that the guys are hanging out in the HOH room and the ladies are primping in the bathroom. Except Amanda, she’s in HOH.

12:07 — The BBAD shot of Jeremy just staring at the camera is terrifying. He’s like staring into my soul. Blink, man, blink!

12:08 — Checked on the girls in the bathroom. Zzzzzzzz.

— GinaMarie looks totally different with less makeup on and no hair extensions, wow. It’s kind of startling, I didn’t know who she was at first.

12:19 — Show us the Memory Wall, live feeds! We want to know who is nominated!

12:22 — David shows once again he has no idea how this show works — “I wonder why they decided to do live feeds at night.” During our interview with him, we had to explain to him twice how you might appear one way on the show and actually be a completely different way in the house. Seriously, he does not have four brain cells total.

12:24 — Howard and GinaMarie are not nominated, their keys  are in the Memory Wall. Also, the Have Not room appears to be airlined themed, with airplane seats instead of beds. Yikes.

12:26 —  Nick and Howard are finally talking game in the HOH room. Nick wants McCrae to focus on getting rid of David and Amanda first. Yes! Get rid of David!

— Jessie has said something about being nervous about Power of Veto, so she might be nominated. We don’t know for sure yet.

12:35 — A bunch of hamsters are playing a fun game in the Have Not room, Amanda should have been a flight attendant.

12:38 — Sounds like Howard, Andy and Elissa are Have Nots. Don’t know if there are any more. Howard not a huge fan of “slop balls.”

12:41 — It sounds like Howard, Nick, Jeremy, Spencer and McCrae have formed a five-person alliance that Howard and Nick think is pretty solid. Of course, the game’s a week old. But honestly, that’s a pretty good alliance. Jeremy’s the only doof. I just wish Andy was in there too.

12:43 — Elissa better get her all-girl alliance rolling before it’s too late, because a solid five-person alliance that has the first HOH could end up being really powerful. Is it Brigade 2.0? They’re calling themselves the “Moving Company.”

12:45 — And yet, Elissa has apparently already had a fight with Candice and Aaryn. We don’t know much, but we are not surprised. So much for getting the girls together.

12:50 — We may have spoken too soon, it looks as though Jessie and Candice’s keys are gone from the Memory Wall. Hmm. Bummer about David, we thought he was nominated.

david big brother dress 'Big Brother 15' live feeds live blog: Who did McCrae nominate for eviction?12:52 — Aaryn and David are completing flirting, which is not only gross because they’re both such drips, but also because they look related.

12:54 — The girls are putting on a fashion show and David is wearing a dress, which is pure nightmare fuel.

12:58 — McCrae is already paranoid that Howard isn’t on board with the alliance, but Nick assures him that Howard is and they have to not get paranoid.

— The five Have Nots are Elissa, Judd, Howard, Helen and Andy.

1:10 — OK, we’ve discovered the pertinent information and now they’re just getting ready for the fashion show. GinaMarie has on a mullet dress, though instead of short in the front, long in the back, it’s short on the right, long on the left. Weird.

We’re signing off for the night, but we’ll keep you posted every day about “Big Brother” goings-on.

Be sure to sign up for the live feeds%name 'Big Brother 15' live feeds live blog: Who did McCrae nominate for eviction? to watch the action all summer long.

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