mccrae-big-brother-15-POV-HOH.jpgIt’s the first Power of Veto on “Big Brother 15” — what will the POV and MVP do to the game? Let’s find out, hamster fans! Also, you should sign up for the live feeds because these hamsters be crazy.

Nomination Fallout

In a fun bit of editing, Candice says she isn’t going to cry about it, then promptly cries about it in the Diary Room. Meanwhile, Nick and Jeremy grossly congratulate themselves about keeping their alliance (that the HOH is part of) off the block. Um, yeah. That was hard.

Jessie, with her buttcrack blurred out, believes McCrae that she’s a pawn and Candice is the target, so she’s remaining relatively calm. Candice, meanwhile, knows something is up with an all-boys alliance. Candice is a smart cookie. Jessie is a doofus who can barely see past how badly she wants a showmance.

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The MVP and Gisele-gate

Everybody thinks Elissa is the first MVP because she’s a known quantity outside the house. It is putting a huge target on her back, so lots of people are talking about backdooring her. Meanwhile, Elissa makes a “joke” (we put that in quotes not because she’s not joking, but because it’s a dumb joke) that she’s Gisele Bundchen’s sister and that’s why she’s going to get MVP votes.

Jeremy, who apparently lives in a cave, does not know who Gisele Bundchen is — but he’s going to get to the bottom of it, y’all. Sherlock Jeremy is on the case. (And PS: He may not know who Gisele the supermodel is, but c’mon — Tom Brady’s wife? Hello?)

Later on, Elissa denies she said that, which is dumb, because a ton of people heard her and Jeremy calls her “shady.” He confronts her about it, she tells him it was a joke, he says he was clearing the air and then he’s a dismissive jerk — but hey, at least he doesn’t call her “a b****” or something else derogatory about women that he likes to say.

Lo and behold, Elissa is the Week 1 MVP, which does actually make this week a lot more interesting. Trust us.

So, Elissa tells McCrae that she got MVP, which is a pretty good move. He’s obviously a gamer and has a lot of power this week in terms of backdooring someone if the POV gets used.

McCrae names David, because he’s not in the MC and he’s a huge threat, but then in the same breath, McCrae won’t agree not to backdoor Elissa because if he can’t go against the house at this point.

He insists that he can put her up and still keep her safe. Hmm.

Showmance Central

The two dumbest, most boring clowns in the house sit in the hammock and talk about how David lives with his parents and lifeguards and surfs all day long. Do people find him attractive? Because, honestly, he is not attractive to us at all. Objectively, personality aside, his face just does not do anything for us. Talk about Gisele Butt-chin, amirite?

MVP Nomination

The houseguests watch their pictures flash on the TV screen until one is highlighted — and it’s David. So, McCrae not only got Elissa to nominate who he wanted, but it was without promising to keep her safe. McCrae’s a baller — McCrae for MVP this week.

The POV is played for by the HOH and nominees, plus Elissa and Howard. It’s kind of awesome that Elissa gets chosen, because if she wins, no backdooring her. Heh. Naturally, Aaryn is beside herself and climbs on David like a howler monkey, then she cries in the photobooth. Oh, stop it. How about you talk about Candice’s “blackness” or tell Helen to go “make you some rice,” Aaryn?

Instead, Aaryn lets her crazy fly, getting mad at David because he feels like the house is against him. It’s just one of their many crazypants fights, y’all. She is a lunatic and he has no clue about anything.

But meanwhile, McCrae wants to shore up his alliance (and showmance) with Amanda and tells her that Elissa is MVP.

The Power of Veto Competition

Marcella from “The American Baking Competition” is there as a special guest. We’ve been watching that show, it’s a lot of fun. But Marcella kind of sucks — she’s like the queen of backhanded compliments.

The competition is fishing letters out of batter after crawling through honey, then spelling a word. Longest word wins. Let’s go, “technotronics.”

After much crawling and scrambling, David the doof doesn’t even have a word. Aaryn says she holds the men in her life to the standard of spelling, whatever that means. That girl is too much.

The other competitors go with “sailing” (Howard), “tumbled” (Jessie), “rafts” (Candice), “potroasts” (Elissa, which is not one word) and “delivery” from McCrae, which wins the POV.

Now he’s in quite the spot, because the house wants him to use it, but Elissa put up his nominee. Now instead of being forced to backdoor someone, McCrae has to choose to do it. Yikes, dude.

Power of Veto

McCrae gets out of quite a jam, however, when Nick comes to him with the plan of evicting David. Nick says don’t use MVP, but McCrae thinks he can have his cake and eat it too by both using the POV to put Elissa on the block and then actually evicting David.

It’s quite a stroke of genius. If he pulls it off, the only person who will really care is Aaryn (and who cares about her).

Will it work out? Tune in tomorrow night to find out if it’s David or Elissa who goes home (or Jessie, we guess, but it’s not gonna be Jessie).

Also, in case you missed it, the “Big Brother 15” schedule is changing.

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