big brother 15 cast 'Big Brother 15' odds: Who's going to win?We’ve met the “Big Brother” houseguests (minus one) and now it’s time for final impressions before they are unleashed upon our summer.

First off, we did not get to meet McCrae Olson, so we have no idea how he might fit into the cast. We know he’s a fan of the show, not a recruit, so that might mean he’ll go far if he can shore up a strong alliance. However, he also seems awkward and kind of weird, so getting that alliance may prove tricky.

As for the rest of the hamsters, we’re giving the best odds to Helen Kim, Amanda Zuckerman, Spencer Clawson, Elissa Slater and Andy Herren. If we had to pick a winner from this group, we’d go with Amanda.

All of the above people are smart enough not to get eliminated early (we think) and familiar enough with the game to have good strategy. We’re actually hoping to see an alliance from four of them (sorry, Elissa).

Speaking of which, if you’re surprised Elissa is in there, don’t be. She’s Rachel Reilly’s sister and say what you want about Rachel being annoying (because she is and so is her sister), but Rachel’s no dummy and neither is Elissa. As long as the house doesn’t want her out because she’s Rachel’s sister, she could go far.

We’re giving medium odds to Candice Stewart, Howard Overby, Jessie Kowalski, Kaitlin Barnaby and Nick Uhas. These guys are no dummies either, but for some of them — well, all of them except Nick — they might be a tad too nice to really play down ‘n dirty enough to win.

As for Nick, he’s ready to play down ‘n dirty. But he’s so overly hyper and intense that the houseguests might boot his butt just out of sheer annoyance.

The long odds go to Aaryn Gries, David Girton, GinaMarie Zimmerman, Jeremy McGuire and Judd Daugherty. Nothing against them as people, they all seemed nice (well, Girton did not seem as nice as the others and we hope he’s the first one gone), but we question their brain power to do much other than ride coattails and get played.

That doesn’t mean one of them won’t go far, because we’ve certainly seen people advance a long way in “Big Brother” who seem like total idiots, but if we were placing money, these five would not be the ones we’d pick.

Overall, though, this is the most excited we’ve been about a cast in a while. It’s awesome there are no retreads and the twist of having three nominees is excellent.

Watch all of our interviews here and let us know what you think of the hamsters. Just a few more hours!

“Big Brother 15” premieres Wednesday, June 26 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. Don’t forget to sign up for the live feeds%name 'Big Brother 15' odds: Who's going to win? to keep track of all the action all summer long.

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